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How to Alleviate Back Pains While Doing 9-5 Office Jobs

You must have heard somebody say “office work is like being paid to be a couch potato,” well while that phrase does not neatly describes what office work really is; it does have a certain truth in it. But let’s face it, I mean we’ve seen this happened many times and it may have even happened to you also. You get a desk job that requires you to work 30-40 hours a week and hands you a good paycheck on the weekends, but by the end of the day you feel that you’re too tired to even do a little exercise. 2-4 years later you’ve gained 20 lbs and before you knew it you got sagging lumps of flesh hanging over your waist line. But most people are not aware of the fact that 90% of back pains is caused by exceeding their ideal weight.


What you really do in the office as oppose to “physically working”
Physics defines work as “when a force acts on a body and it results in a displacement from the point of application, however small, in the direction of the force – work is done.”  Now think about it and try to remember how much force have you applied in the combined 8 hours of your shift while you were in the office? Let me get ahead of you there because I know that the amount of actual, physical work done in the office is less than 5%; and that’s because you spend all day sitting there, talking to customers, filling out forms and typing things on your computer. The most work that I’ve done recalling during my office days was swiveling in posture chairs, walking to and from the copier, carrying some rims of bond paper and of course going to the pantry to take my lunch break.


The importance of exercise and back pain prevention
Sitting for long periods of time is actually not beneficial to you. For one it makes you fat and the worst thing it can do to you is cause severe back pains, that’s because when you sit down the “S” curve of your spine deviates slightly – meaning it isn’t in its natural state. One to two hours is fine but 8 hours is serious; fortunately posture chairs were invented in order to mitigate this problem. It has been ergonomically designed to support and retain the natural “S” curve of your spinal column and will therefore help you sit in the proper position. Experts also found that by doing a 20-minute exercise daily can help regulate blood pressure, burn calories effectively and helps you sleep better. So remember these 2 words “posture chairs” and “exercise” because they’re extremely important in keeping you healthy while working in an office.


Aside from sitting in those comfortable posture chairs experts also recommend a weekly or bi-weekly back massages in order to relive stress and have a relaxing sleep. This will help revitalize the body when the weekends come and that means you can enjoy your day off more feeling refreshed and full of energy. Furthermore a healthy diet will also increase productivity by 12% according to a recent study. As I recon it lesser fat in your body means increase in oxygen intake and increase oxygen intake means your brain processes information faster, thus making you smarter. So working in 9-5 office jobs does not necessarily mean that you give up your health for some hefty paycheck, just remember to protect your back by sitting properly in posture chairs and do an exercise routine regularly.