How to Fix Common Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are hard to spot and they often become problematic as time goes by. That’s why it’s important that you anticipate them and have a back-up plan to fix these types of problems in your house just in case they’ll happen. Under normal circumstances though, a solid roofing work will not leak for 5 – 10 years time even if it is subjected to harsh weather conditions.

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Most people assume that their house is a main battle tank (MBT) that can take just about anything Mother Nature dishes at it. That’s until their rook starts leaking or some other related problems occur. The best time of the year to check for roof leaks is during spring, because it’s the rainy season. If you’re able to spot leaks, then don’t panic because it’s better to fix them early on than wait a few months later when they will cost you a lot of money; not to mention unwanted problems. The good news is that there are roof locations where these leaks are prone to appear and because of that, you’ll be able to fix them easily.

Don’t be confused with the roof parts like the flashing, hips, rake, rafters etc., it’s actually not that complicated fixing it and you can do it by yourself. Needless to say, sometimes it will require a professional to it also.  No matter the damage, it is imperative that you fix your roofing problems right away in order to avoid bigger complications along the way.


Below are some of the most common roof leaks and how you can fix them:

Roof valley leaks – The area where two parts of the roof of your home intersect is called a roof valley. This area requires special attention as it is a delicate part of the entire roofing system. Most roofs have metal flashing that has often been improperly installed. When the roof valley gets damaged, don’t attempt to fix it on your own, instead call a professional to do it and get it fixed right away.

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Skylight Leaks – They may look great for your roof, but skylights are among the things in there that causes leaks often, especially if they’re not properly installed.  What’s most frustrating about it is that you’ll have a difficult time to find where the leak is coming from. Most leaks here will occur in the flashing as this is where the roof and the skylight interconnect. This also requires professional work and you’ll have to check if there are roofing contractors near your area. It would be great if your house has insurance from the company that built it, so that you can just call them and fix your roof but only if it’s under warranty.

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Chimneys – A leak around the chimney is the final nail in the coffin and if you don’t act quickly it can be the reason for the increase in your blood pressure. This is actually the most difficult are in the roof to determine where exactly the leak is coming from, as it can come from the old caulk, cracks, flashing etc. In order to find the reason for this problem, the entire area around the chimney will need to be inspected carefully. Ironically, even though it’s hard to find the leaks in this area, it is also quite easy to fix it and you can do it by yourself. If the problem is an old sealant or caulking at the base of the chimney, then simply peel off the old seal and replace it with a new one. Double check the flashing and see if it has any leaks or other form of damage, then repair if necessary.

Taking care of your roof first and foremost will make it last longer, so do maintenance work on it occasionally. You can fix your roof with a DIY method but for the difficult parts, just let the professionals handle it.

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Nesting – Installing a second layer of shingles aligning courses with the original roof to avoid shingle cupping.


Accelerated Weathering: The process in which materials are exposed to a controlled environment where various exposures such as heat, water, condensation, or light are altered to magnify their effects; thereby accelerating the weathering process. The material’s physical properties are measured after this process and compared to the original properties of the unexposed material, or to the properties of the material that has been exposed to natural weathering.



I received three significantly different proposals from contractors. How should I decide which contractor to select?


Clearly written proposals that are detailed and broken down into separate line items are a good sign that the contractor is being thorough and has prepared an accurate estimate. The following is a partial list of items your estimate or proposal should include:

  • The type of roof covering, manufacturer and color
  • Materials to be included in the work, e.g., underlayment, ice dam protection membrane
  • Scope of work to be done
  • Removal or replacement of existing roof
  • Flashing work, e.g., existing flashings to be replaced or re-used, adding new flashing, flashing metal type
  • Ventilation work, e.g., adding new vents
  • Who is responsible for repairing/replacing exterior landscape or interior finishes that are damaged during the course of the work
  • Installation method
  • Approximate starting and completion dates
  • Payment procedures
  • Length of warranty and what is covered, e.g., workmanship, water leakage

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Also, be sure to read the recommendations listed in Buying a new roof and getting your money’s worth and Selecting An NRCA Professional Roofing Contractor (Steep-slope Residential) for more information.


Top 3 Vacation Spots in the World

Are you one of those people who love to travel, in search of unparalleled luxury of glamorous adventures with lively perks like enchanting foodstuffs, amazing architectural design, romantic amenities and such with explicit wine feeling? So, how to find these best escapades?

tourist destination

We surveyed and searched genuine facts of different places that fit our requirements and with our findings, the list below was assembled from top 3 down to 1.


Rome, Italy
This Eternal City as they call it, rejoices its long history of churches, museums, monuments and those restored ruins that offers a rightful sight to the life of the great Roman Empire during their glorious days. And at its city roots, you may immerse yourself in a culture of a heaping bowl of delightful pasta, different flavors of coffee and a plate of gelato. Buonappetito!

new york travel destination

New York, New York!
This place where of its origins and city remnants of immigrants with such inspiring structural design and thriving arts on the scene. You can definitely spree in SoHo, devoting a lazy day in its Central Park, stare signs from the Big Apple plus its billboards, Coney Island and the NYC subway system. Also, the city’s Times Square has wall-to-wall signage for the Broadway plays, commercial ads, even proposals and many more.

And last but especially not the least,


Paris, France
Similar to all boundless cities, you can spend days, weeks or even months in Paris and just by scarcely graze the appearance of Paris’s cultural treasures. Discover this old-world city with a new-world charm! They have museums galore, stellar shopping sites, convenient restaurants and small shops with busy cafés which are perfect for people just observing. Great places to visit here are, The Louvre (The Pyramided Structure), the Seine (A River), and most especially The Eiffel Tower which aged a 125 years old on March 2014. But, with so much to appreciate in Paris, you’ll utterly need this quick bucket list of not-to-be-missed lures.

Facebook Marketing Techniques

facebook marketing

Technological advancements are growing every single day. It becomes more relevant in our everyday lives. We used it in work, communications and our businesses. One product of technology is social media sites, where we can communicate with people across countries using the World Wide Web.  Facebook is one of the most frequently used social media site where we can communicate and share with our friends online. We can also use Facebook as a medium for our business. This is what we call as Facebook Marketing, where we interact with others to market and promote businesses online. This helps us to keep information is updated, we can have a distinct identity and we will have a broader scope for our costumers.

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All of us can start business of our own using Facebook but not all of us can be successful enough in this field, right? So first you must have a goal with a strategy to make your Facebook marketing a successful one. When we have our business we must remember that must be friendly, even though we may look a bit funny we must understand that most costumers like things that makes them laugh for a while. We must build a good relationship with our valued costumer’s, even though this takes time to build we must and always be patient. We can always achieve this by being sincere in our conversations with them, providing them not only useful but also relevant content, and giving away prices to permanent costumers. To earn more costumers we must have an entertaining content, by doing so, our customers will be coming back for more fun.

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Another way to make our page more popular is by posting more Ads, advertisements can catch attention to costumers. This ads are composed of an image, a headline, and also a link where customers can visit a certain page on Facebook, or another website related to the business. If you have a website that talks about a product you are selling then Facebook can help you, it can have extensions of your website so that customers who are visiting your page can see some familiarity and will visit that website. Lastly when you have the Facebook page you must post regularly some updates. Almost 50% users of Facebook are checking their page for latest updates and also for new contents and materials. But if your page doesn’t need any posting why bother? But if yes, then sit tight, type, then post!

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Any marketing strategies that were mentioned earlier can help you in your journey through Facebook marketing. You can think of a more effective ways to enhance and improve your skills in this business. Integrate new strategies to attract more customers. The more you implement those integrated strategies, the more your marketing will be successful. So, we must figure things first, why do we need to have a website? Why do we need to integrate more and more? Lastly figure something that can best serve your valued customers.