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Top 3 Vacation Spots in the World

Are you one of those people who love to travel, in search of unparalleled luxury of glamorous adventures with lively perks like enchanting foodstuffs, amazing architectural design, romantic amenities and such with explicit wine feeling? So, how to find these best escapades?

tourist destination

We surveyed and searched genuine facts of different places that fit our requirements and with our findings, the list below was assembled from top 3 down to 1.


Rome, Italy
This Eternal City as they call it, rejoices its long history of churches, museums, monuments and those restored ruins that offers a rightful sight to the life of the great Roman Empire during their glorious days. And at its city roots, you may immerse yourself in a culture of a heaping bowl of delightful pasta, different flavors of coffee and a plate of gelato. Buonappetito!

new york travel destination

New York, New York!
This place where of its origins and city remnants of immigrants with such inspiring structural design and thriving arts on the scene. You can definitely spree in SoHo, devoting a lazy day in its Central Park, stare signs from the Big Apple plus its billboards, Coney Island and the NYC subway system. Also, the city’s Times Square has wall-to-wall signage for the Broadway plays, commercial ads, even proposals and many more.

And last but especially not the least,


Paris, France
Similar to all boundless cities, you can spend days, weeks or even months in Paris and just by scarcely graze the appearance of Paris’s cultural treasures. Discover this old-world city with a new-world charm! They have museums galore, stellar shopping sites, convenient restaurants and small shops with busy cafés which are perfect for people just observing. Great places to visit here are, The Louvre (The Pyramided Structure), the Seine (A River), and most especially The Eiffel Tower which aged a 125 years old on March 2014. But, with so much to appreciate in Paris, you’ll utterly need this quick bucket list of not-to-be-missed lures.


Best CRE Investment Options For Retirement

The typical retiree these days go for the stocks and bonds in the stock market when it comes to investing and growing their life savings, according to experts. However, some are also learning to diversify their investments in mutual funds, or starting a small internet business or even commercial real estate! Some Caribbean island nations even offer the purchase of a real estate property as substantial investment that you can propagate and get huge ROI’s due to the tourism potential in the area.


But what are commercial real estates and why are they more profitable to investors?

Commercial Real Estate (CRE)
Commercial real estate (CRE) are prime lots (some with existing infrastructures) that are on strategic locations with high commercial value. These properties are mostly for rent or lease where investors get a fixed monthly income from them; however, even though it can help diversify the risk in a retirement portfolio – it is not all pudding and pies. Therefore one has to consider it thoroughly just like any other investment options.

According to the managing director of Real Estate Research in Des Moines, Iowa – Brian Velky, the average American employee had invested over $22 billion in CRE’s this year compared to $10.5 billion in 2009 which sees a 51% increase in their overall investment portfolio.


Rents paid by commercial tenants of office buildings, factories and shopping malls can provide a stable source of income that can serve as a hedge against inflation as the U.S. economy grows.

Commercial real estate returned an average 8.6% a year in combined appreciation and income over the decade ended June 30, according to an index of more than 7,000 U.S. properties compiled by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries. That compares with an annualized 7.8% for the S&P 500, including dividends, and 4.9% for the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, according to data tracker Lipper.


Buying a Real Estate Property
There’s an old joke in commercial real estate: If you think nobody cares you’re alive, just miss a few mortgage payments.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of that going on during the credit crisis that started in 2008, as commercial real estate values went into a freefall. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate, commercial property values fell by 10.6% in the fourth quarter of 2008, alone – the biggest price drop since 1984.

But to savvy real estate investors, times of lower prices typically reveal genuine investment opportunities. For instance, according to a survey by Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, of 1,129 commercial property investors, 51% planned to increase commercial real estate allocations during the 2008 credit crisis.

Top 10 Movies That Earned $1 Billion Or More

There are five cardinal elements in film-making that sets the standard for a box office-worthy movie, and those are the script, cinematography, pacing, performances of the actors and special effects (whenever necessary). Come up short with any of these and you can be sure that your movie will be a failure or a Class B or C at that. Some movies have great scripts but they ended up tedious and sluggish due to poor direction and acting or really bad special effects. You can get away with subtle special effects but everything else is right, but you can’t get around a bad story, pacing and performance even if you paid tens of millions for movie effects.


Why Movies Flop
There are probably a ton of reasons why movies don’t deliver what they promised on the trailers, but perhaps the most prevailing ones could be, because of poor leadership particularly on the part of the movie directors and studio executives. Studio execs and movie directors at times disagree with the direction of the film, because while the directors lean more on their creative side, studio execs will always be cautious in spending the budget for the movie. An example of this can be observed on films such as Universal Studios’ “Waterworld” that starred Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper as well as Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Superman Returns” that starred Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey. The directors asked for so much money on production but didn’t deliver the excitement that everyone expected on screen and as a result, the movies barely got their production budget back with the income that the films made.

Now let’s look at those movies that broke the block buster records when they grossed to more than a billion dollars!


1.) “Avatar” (2009) – $2.8 Billion
James Cameron is among the top 10% of the best of the best Hollywood movie directors out there and he has a long list of films to prove it, but when he made “Avatar,” it dwarfed all the other movies that came before or after it. With the exception of “Gone with the Wind” ($3.3 billion) and “Star Wars” ($2.7 billion), there are no other films to date that has broken Avatar’s box office record. Following our formula for a great film, you can easily see why this film earned this kind of income. Basically it started out with a good script because it is rooted in our reality and how humankind comes into conflict with Nature and destroys the very thing that sustains it.

It was shot entirely on 3D which is unparalleled since the movie industry began, the pacing is perfect added with great performances by Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and other supporting cast; you will really get invested in the movie within the first 15 minutes of watching it. And finally the special effects became easy to incorporate in the film as it was already shot in 3D previously, making a great movie spectacle that nearly every living soul on the planet relate to it in a deep and respectful sense. It sent a clear message to all of us – we cannot survive here on Earth if we’ll keep destroying the environment.


2.) “Titanic” (1997) – $2.2 Billion
See why I said that James Cameron is one of the best film directors in Hollywood? That’s because his second hit just lags $600 million behind his best movie – “Avatar!” Once again “Titanic” follows our formula for a big movie success, although I must say that the pacing kind of feels a little sluggish, but overall it’s still a great movie experience nonetheless. This movie is where Leonardo DiCaprio’s career was launched into greatness and his performances have not diminished ever since. “Titanic” is a sad retelling of the tragedy that happened over 100 years ago in the Atlantic Ocean, how a short-lived love story fairy tale could last a lifetime even though Rose’s lover, Jack had died that night, and how the sinking of the ship on its maiden voyage was accurately depicted.


3.) “The Avengers” (2012) – $1.5 Billion
It was not so long ago that Hollywood was about ego and artistic storytelling by screenplay writers, movie directors and movie executives attempting to be nostalgic and relive the glory days of how the movie industry started out. Marvel Comics got a bit disappointed at how movie studios approved their superhero films and decided to create its own movie studio with the same name. And then the rest was history, but it wasn’t just that that they changed in Hollywood, they destroyed the status quo and made movies that had depth, artistic renderings and of course, often came back as box office smashers. “Marvel’s The Avengers” forever sealed the fate of superhero genres when it earned over $1.5 billion domestically and internationally! I suppose I don’t have to tell you how the movie had all the things that the five cardinal elements to make a great film, because it hit every category in an almost perfect harmonious rhythm.

But if you really want to peel every scene of it and spot the best parts that Joss Whedon put in, then I suggest you watch it, because no words can describe how good the movie is.

Fast and Furious 7

4.) “Fast & Furious 7” (2015) – $1.5 Billion
Universal Pictures together with brilliant director, James Wan, fired up the latest instalment of their proprietary franchise – Fast & Furious 7 – with a production budget of nearly $200 million, which of course resulted in a mega box office hit! Although the film suffered a major blow with the untimely death of Paul Walker (plays Brian O’Conner in the movie) back in 2013, fans didn’t abandon it and instead gave their undivided support that unofficially serves as a memoriam to the action superstar. You would normally expect that films like Fast & Furious is just your average dumb-down, running around and explosions flick that doesn’t deserve any praise; however, the movie does exhibit the same elements as any film on this list and that is the reason behind its success.


5.) “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015) – $1.3 Billion
Joss Whedon ups his game in the most anticipated superhero movie sequel, “Avengers: Age of Ultron!” This film has not actually finished airing yet, but we’re already certain that it will surpass the earnings of the first film at $1.5 billion. Marvel has proven yet again that a great storyline plus a spectacular visual effects will almost always captivate people’s attention. What Marvel did has never been done in cinema history which is to bring several very talented actors together and make a great movie at the same time. This would have been a daunting task for any traditional Hollywood movie studio that’s been around for over 50 years now. Marvel literally did thought outside the box and set a new standard in film-making that most studios now follow, simply because of their unparalleled success.

As before Avengers: Age of Ultron has all the cardinal elements for a potentially great movie and it has got it in spades!


6.) “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2” (2011) – $1.3 Billion
I have to admit that fans said that this movie had huge plot holes that are almost impossible to ignore; however, Director David Yates and the marketing team of Warner Bros. Pictures kept the hype high enough for people to rush to the movie theaters when the film was released, which is not bad if you want to get technical a little bit. Fans and critics might not be too happy though but hey! We’re talking about movie success based on box office records and not plot holes and poor screenplay. Still Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows decently wrapped up the franchise after 10 years and recently WB and JK Rowling announced a spin off movie or probably just a continuation.

Suffice it to say the last Harry Potter movie has most of the important elements for a great film, but it is hard to get over the fact that Harry could have used that luck potion to beat Voldemort instead of getting himself killed for being unprepared to face his nemesis.


7.) “Iron-Man 3” and “Frozen” (2013) – $1.2 Billion
For the fans of the Iron-Man comic book and film franchise, I must say that Director Shane Black clearly messed up the whole ending with his “creativeness,” and it should not deserve a billion dollars of box office success. However, the rest of the world have fallen in love with the Iron-Man that Robert Downey Jr. Brought to life, so they didn’t mind the sloppy screenplay of Iron-Man 3 and went to see it anyway. Disney’s “Frozen” though rightfully deserves the box office it garnered and both films snatched the seventh spot in a tie in our top 10 films with over a billion dollars to their names. Both films exhibit the cardinal elements in order to make a great film and even deserve more sequels than what their respective studios allowed.


8.) “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003) – $1.1 Billion
This movie needs no fancy introduction as everyone knows how amazingly J. R. R. Tolkien created this fantasy world in his books that bore the same title. In fact, the author dedicated his entire life in creating this seemingly alternate reality that, if it were hidden in a catacomb somewhere in early 20th century England, people would undoubtedly mistook it for some kind of origin story or Bible of the ancient Druids or Celts. If you’ve read his books, you’ll know what I mean. Although Tolkien took most of the parts of the Lord of the Rings series from ancient Norse mythology, there is no other book that can be compared to it even to this day. What Peter Jackson did was simply enhanced the story visually but all the ground work has been laid out nearly century before he was even born. Needless to say the film has most, if not all, of the cardinal elements for a great movie.


9.) “Skyfall” (2012) – $1.1 Billion
The James Bond franchise has been in circulation since 1952 when author Ian Fleming first published “Casino Royale” the novel, which was also the same title of the 2006 movie produced by Barbara Broccoli (daughter of the late Albert Broccoli). Albert Broccoli then saw the movie potential for Fleming’s novels and started the first James Bond movie in 1962 with the title “Dr. No” where Sean Connery also became the first James Bond character. Half a century later and the franchise is still going strong, so strong in fact, that it brought in $1,108,561,013 billion in the fall of 2012! Already, producer Barbara Broccoli and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer & Columbia Pictures are working on the new James Bond movie that stars Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Dave Bautista and Ralph Fiennes and it’s called “Spectre.”

The movie is set to release on November 6, 2015 and is expected to earn more than the last movie. Aside from having a large fan base, the James Bond movies also incorporate the most important elements that make a film break box office records.


10.) “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) – $1 Billion
It seems that the list is dominated by superhero and sci-fi movies; and it’s no surprise that America’s all-time favourite cape crusader, The Batman, captured the last place of our top 10 movies that earned $1 billion+ in box office sales. Personally, I never thought that the Batman franchise would make it past $600 million, I mean, come on?! It’s about a guy who trained as a ninja and wears a funny bat suit who fights crime at nights. Even if it has a large fan base, who would buy that? But Chris Nolan, Warner Bros. and DC Comics did the best Batman movie in decades since when they did “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Thanks to the executive producers and director, Chris Nolan, who stayed true to the source material for the most part of the film, the Dark Knight Trilogy became an iconic symbol of success in Hollywood as it has already done so in the comic books for more than 50 years.


Note: Jurassic World made a total of $1,465,838,000 to date! Movie experts also expects Batman v Superman and X – Men: Apocalypse to reel in impressive box office results in 2016

2016 Mega Spoilers:





High Fashion Brands

Black Friday celebration is always after the Thanksgiving Day of the year. As every shopper knows that there’s nothing more likely to have an incredible savings and deals than on Black Friday, and this will surely blow you away. There are many amazing line ups of Black Friday Deals out there, yet, how do they manage it? What do you think they’re strategies where at? Especially when we talk about high fashion profiles inside the industry.

So here are the top 3 high profile fashions brands that we accumulated based on some research and shared their strategies for this year’s Black Friday strategy mark ups.


Michael Kors
An absolutely top of the line brand that has been developing lots from their lines with exclusiveness and with more than high-diffusion of lines.

Owned by world-renowned and award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear items, named from the brand itself, Michael Kors. The company started back in the year 1981 which produces a lane of products that are under with his signature the “Michael Kors Collection” and “Michael Kors Labels”. And with these products, it includes varieties of different charming footwear jewelries, watches, accessories, men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, eyewear and with a full line of fragrance products.

Michael Kors’s stores operates in either direct or through some licensing partnerships in these leading and very prestigious cities in the world, which are New York, London, Milan, Paris, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Istanbul, Munich, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Seoul.


At the back of this burgeoning empire stance with a single designer with an innate sense of glamour added with an unfailing sight for a timeless chic inspired. Michael Kors won numbers of accolades inside the fashion industry, also, he has been honored because of being philanthropic, earned huge respects and affections of the millions. Dedicated wholesome to the vision of styles where sophistication as it is indulgent and as iconic as being modern. MichaelKors created and erogenous luxury Lifestyle Empire with a huge global out-reaches.A brand that never gets old and inspiring.

And to this, having a Black Friday Sale involves strategies to keep them at ease, balanced and dedicated but still competitive on the market. Lots of different retailing stores, may it be online or physical store offers from 50% discount up to 81%! Plus, some websites also offers different promotional coupons for everyone to use in this yearly seasonal sale. And with limited edition bundles, gift recommendations and best buy campaigns from the main brand itself that kicks off anyone’s agenda. Who doesn’t fall for MK’s fashion sense now that they offer huge rebates? Even if somehow they give little discounts yet people never says no for Micahel Kors fashion line.

Marc Jacobs
A brand that became one of the fashion’s industry legends. Marc Jacobs, with all of his works with Louis Vuitton for the past 10 years got him across an international recognition. And in the bracket of time where his own brand became even more known and adored than his Vuitton’s collection, and so was his name as a fashion designer that became an iconic symbol, most specifically in New York. Presently, with more than 240 progressing store branches in 60 different countries, plus lots of places inside Department Stores, Marc Jacobs is one of the most distributed fashion brands in the whole world. Effectively, the brand extended up some of their fashion lines, yet also their accessories where bags are normally huge, fragrances and sun glasses.

As this year, Marc Jacobs decided that his New York Fashion Week Show will be different, which a strategy with both is inclining high buyers to see what’s new and also campaigning for the coming holiday sales already.

On the virtual shopping world, Marc Jacobs Black Friday 2014 tags are everywhere! And so, you will see what they got for this year’s Black Friday. They have, Best Deals, Cheapest Products, Offers and Features, Best Buy and Reviews, Specials, Christmas Deals, Cyber Monday, Best Price, Special Discounts, Hot Price, Big Sale, Limited Editions, Bundles and Clearance Sale. And they’re not done yet, they also have Save 20% to 90% that does not end for 2014 only because they’ll extending it until 2015! Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren is a high fashion brand that is also one of the most iconic brands for the American way of life. This brand dominated the world because of how iconic it is inside the fashion industry and lifestyle. Back in 1967, Ralph Lauren himself borrowed an amount of $50,000 from Norman Hilton, and he never imagined that for the upcoming years he would be at the head of a multi-national and multi-billion dollar brand. One of the first exported brands from the United States of America, successfully extended up the brand up to fashion accessories, watches, home, fragrances and – even Yachts!


The business started out 40 years ago with collections of different ties, and has successfully bloomed for their stand of quality made products, innovative lifestyle advertisements that brings re-definition of the American Style.

So, for their Black Friday Sale, people will consistently sight products for the men, women, children, and babies, even for homes/houses which have uniquely situated styles from the world of Ralph Lauren’s line.

Ralph Lauren is best for those “Sartorially-inclined-shoppers” who are looking out on what’s stock up with high-quality basics that will utterly hit the best price of the year.Although this year’s Black Friday Sale for them will keep on the leading huge sale for most of the people’s choices and favorites. Yet continuing until Cyber Monday is said to be where it’s best to hold off some splashing all out apparel and shoes rolls around. The company provides buyers such exquisite examples from last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale which cut-offs 25% off for most of their popular items. And so, from that, many people will clearly be looking out and prepare themselves for the brand’s iconic design stores where huge discounts, plus giving out discounted coupons will be set.

Accordingly, all of these brands are really famous and thus a lot of people who really acquires the fashion industry as part of their lives are excited for this annual seasonal sale. Be fast and keep updated, you don’t want to be in the last line aren’t you?

Vertical Farming

The need of food to sustain the survival of a nation has turn humanity to innovate the way of propagating and growing our foods. Cultivating crops in urban locations using specific contrived skyscrapers is how Vertical Farming works. It is also known as Vertical Hydroponic System. It is widely used as a modern way of farming amongst country having problem in terms of lack in land, fertile fields for crops to grow and harsh environments.


Over the years, Vertical Farming has meliorated and as most people may not know that as early as 1950, it is already part of the farming industry. It started as a proposal discussed in Rem Koolhaas’s book; Delirious, published in the year 1909.In this proposition, predefines the idea of cultivating crops in an open air building.

Vertical Farming and Its Breakthrough
Vertical farming has inspired not only by farmers but also engineers and architects on helping building a multi-layers of vertical hydroponics structures that greatly improve the space utilization and also making its infrastructure a dainty and organized. In addition, it supports the development of the appearance and for the easy farming protocols.


Examples of Vertical Farming Products
In most vertical farms, they developed the multi-layers of vertical hydroponics system to maximize a facilities area in terms of the type of crops they are growing. Given an example of tomatoes are grown in a rows of vertically supported structure supporting its stems and its heavy weight as it bare fruits. Another example are lettuces, this vegetable is hydroponically grown in a layers of semi drawers which contains the vegetables and allowing then to harvest with ease. Other indoor farms like in Finger Lakes Fresh Greenhouse, traditional structures of filling the crops are the same.

Environment Control and Energy-Saving Technology
Farmers and agriculturist with the help of the modern technology has brought the way of farming to high efficiency and in terms of quality harvest and custom crops. Enabling these people to worry no more about the biohazards and the risks of their crops may have compared to those grown in the traditional way of farming. Minimizing or completely getting rid of the risk of having soilborne diseases, nematodes and weeds in crops are the benefits of vertical farming.

vertical farming

The use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED)also as an artificial source of light is widely used in vertical farming as part of the process of growing the crops. The advantage of using artificial light advances and increasing the rate of harvesting desirable quality and minimal defects due to the use of these lights, the results are as expected and minimizes too much risks and less exposure to sunlight.

Urban areas in reality have this awaiting shortage of farmlands in the coming years. Population will grow triple so as the need for foods. This vivid innovation of farming will give the mankind not just the chances of surviving but the broad strategies of making farming a dependable way of survival. Thus, vertical farming practically produces crops all year-round. It basically allows the expatiation of cities and at the same time will have constant self-sustaining food products for future needs.

Lab Safety Compliance: Three Important Things to Know when Moving your Laboratory to Another Location

Moving your lab to a different location is a daunting task. Besides having highly volatile chemicals and biological samples, there are other machines with moving parts that are either fragile, expensive, or could potentially cause a disaster if not handled properly. You need to label chemicals before you pack and ship them, thoroughly decontaminate your lab, and then use trucks and other vehicles to transport them to the new location. All the while you have to make sure you’re following strict protocols from regulations imposed by the government for them.


Failure to comply with regulations will result in fines ranging from hundreds of thousands to probably even millions of dollars! It could also cause employee injuries as well as property damage plus more fines from a public lawsuit. The idea alone is staggering to even think of, not to mention what it will take to relocate a lab safely and efficiently.

Here are 3 best tips for you to know about when doing something this big:


Regulatory Bodies
Before relocating your lab, you have to check with government agencies that impose regulations for facilities like yours. Due to the nature of your work or business, you’ll have to understand the facility as well as the transportation regulations when moving lab equipment from one place to another. Therefore, besides complying with EPA, IATA, DOT and OSHA; you also need to comply with the local government agencies or regulatory bodies in the area where you operate. To ensure that you will not miss anything while moving your stuff to a different location, contact regulatory agencies and ask for help to keep things in order. You may also want to hire a logistic consultant or specialist to help you be compliant with all the regulations needed for transporting your lab equipment.


Of course, regulatory bodies will only allow you to move your stuff if they’ve issued you a permit. You’ll need to hire movers that have DOT permits to transport chemicals and biotech materials. The type of materials, chemicals and biological agents to be transported will determine the kind of permits you will need.

Here are some of the types of permits that you’ll be needing:

•    DEA Controlled Substances Permit
•    Wastewater Discharge Permit
•    Ionizing Radiation Source Registration
•    RCRA Generator Notification
•    Laboratory Animal Use Permits
•    rDNA Permits
•    Select Agents & Toxins Licenses
•    Flammable Storage Permit
•    Radioactive Materials License


Try to get the landlord with the program so he won’t have complaints after you’ve left the premises. Sometimes landlord tend to be reserved about how squeaky clean they want their property to be and that can cause some serious legal issues as well.


To avoid this, just follow the ANSI guidelines in decontaminating your laboratory. This is a DIY on how to decontaminate your lab efficiently. If you have enough money to hire a contractor that does lab clean up and who adheres to the ANSI guidelines, then hire them and let them explain to the landlord how the cleanup process will be done, so that he will be more comfortable with you leaving.

The Lincoln MKC Experience

“Sometimes you’ve got to go back, to actually move forward” and so it goes. Can’t really get that catchy Matthew McConaughey line out of your head? Plus the recent spoofing of the ad by Jim Carrey makes it a total hit.  Fittingly though, the first-ever Lincoln MKC is just that.  Being one of the four new Lincoln vehicles to arrive in showrooms by 2016, the MKC carries the marque to the vast consumer SUV market with the welcoming comfort of an affluent car and the dependability of an SUV of old.

lincoln mkc

Let’s go into detail and check out what this badass SUV is really made of.  Approaching the MKC is a sight to behold as the “Approach Detection with Welcome Mat” awaits your return.  Exterior lighting brightens up upon sensing your approach up to 8 feet away. Then, a Lincoln Logo mat illuminates the entrance of both driver and passenger side. Talk about letting your presence known wherever you are parked. Oh and once inside, any one of seven colors of ambient lighting may be chosen to suit your mood.


The Design

An all-new expression of luxury.  Blending the features of a luxury sedan and the rugged features of a sport utility vehicle, the MKC shows a solid statement of purpose compared to other premium entries in the SUV market.  A classic Lincoln grill, HID headlamps with LED accents up in front while a low roofline and high door line exudes an athletic appearance.  Rims are not too shabby with the option of 18, 19 or 20 inchers with padded inner wells to soften road noise.

lincoln mkc

Finishing off the touch is the patented Vista Roof.  It gives the MKC a refreshing and modern view by giving both first and second row passengers an unobstructed expanded sunroof.



How about 285 horses under the hood giving 305 lb.-ft. of gut wrenching torque to complete the beast? Sounds good to me! The patented EcoBoost offers the most HP and Torque in its class.  How did the MKC obtain this feat? Using intelligence as well as power by utilizing turbocharging, direct injection and Ti-VCT or twin independent variable cam timing of course.  Sounds like top engineering at work to feed the speedster in everyone by just mashing the gas pedal.

lincoln mkc 2015

Lincoln Drive Control and Continuously Controlled Damping is as luxurious as it sounds when advanced sensors automatically detect body motion, steering and braking dynamics in less than a second to give you an exceptional ride.  Adjustable settings for normal, sport or comfort can be selected to suit your style whether you want a spirited drive or pure comfort.


Steering this beast is remarkably simple.  With the feel of a compact sedan, it gives an accurate and responsive drive by using the EPAS or electronic Power-assisted Steering in the Lincoln.  It is constantly adapting to road conditions and can compensate for uneven road surfaces and crosswinds.  A sense of assurance is imminent when fluid system is used at low speed and a more controlled steer at high speeds.


Six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission with paddle shifting gives you the excitement of a stick shift with the convenience of an automatic.  An efficient six-speed transmission glides you through your way but if you want to do a bit of spirited driving, the wheel mounted paddle shifters are just at the tip of your thumbs.  Completing the features are the AdvanceTrac with roll stability Control that gives the MKC the ability to utilize the brakes and engine power to keep all four wheels gripping the pavement.



Why the Lincoln is sought after is because of these state of the art features starting with the sound system.  Gone were the days of simple stereo sound quality as the MKC gives you Enhanced THX II Certified Sound System.  It has 14 strategically placed speakers giving 700 watts of power.  Distributed bass is evenly dispersed throughout the cabin resulting in a more cinematic car audio system.  Hmm I like the sound of that!

ecoboost technology

What is the use of good audio if you have noisy surroundings? Well the Lincoln has an answer to that.  Active Noise Control reduces unwanted noises while enhancing desired sound to provide a more pleasant driving experience.  Microphones monitors the sound of the cabin and then it is replicated by a signal processor to create an opposing acoustic wave cancelling each other out.  Talk about science at work!


Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning and a lane adjusting system is just a few of the new features of safety the MKC can offer. Superior safety is given by the system where sensors detect slowing traffic to maintain distance and alerts you for potential collision adjusting the brake force along the way.  A warning will also be sent to the driver in case you veer out of your lane when the Lane-Keeping system is engaged.


Getting in sync with bliss is perfect to complete the experience.  SYNC with MyLincoln Touch allows you to control your entire cockpit from entertainment to climate via voice command.  Capping it off with the BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert is cutting edge as the (Blind Spot Information System) BLIS uses radar in the rear quarter panel to identify a car entering your blind spot.

lincoln mkc

Truly a step above the competition is the Lincoln 2015 MKC, going back to its roots and still providing class of its own.  Definitely a promising future for the Lincoln line moving forward.




Importance of Web Design

What kind of device were you using right now? Is it your desktop or laptop computer at home, or maybe a tablet in which you’ll just be pinching the screen and gesturing to go through different pages and apps on it? Or it could be your smartphone which is way too convenient in reading this with just sliding through thumb? I bet most of us rely so much on devices like this. It is quite fascinating how a website can be viewed in any of this that you desired to use. According to statistic that mobile internet users are increasing that desktop user is being dominated. It means that people are more comfortable using and reading websites through mobile which changes the way it was perceive and considering engaging in the World Wide Web. With many sizes of screen from different devices how is it possible that a website is still running without distorting its design? This is the power of responsive web design.


web design banner

One of the necessities of a web design is its responsiveness, the flexibility of the web design that can be viewed perfectly by adapting the device screen size. A person who’s opening a site through a desktop is the same with a person opening with its phone. Through responsive web design it optimizes the design that defers on what kind of device or size of screen. The convenience of this offers a huge help to everyone in different fields from business to education.  The responsive web design is for the better experience that users will have in visiting the page, and optimization of site in whatever device that will be used.


web designer

Simplicity which means “the quality of being understand” is another importance of the web design. How a website is design that will enable the user to find or locate the buttons that they will be using is very effective for the user’s convenience towards the site. Even though the website has awesome appearance and graphics but then the functionality is quite off then better upgrade and consult a web designer. The usability of the website greatly affect how the user will think towards the page and may lead to visit again or never. Like how the content of the site was presented must be in simplicity and connect to what kind of topic was offered and what kind of people will be visiting the site.


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From responsiveness to content deliberation represents how a successful web design affect and attract the visitors, as the primary aim of web designing is to satisfy the need of the visitors and its client. As today the emerging technology reflects how dynamic everything can be like your business can be endorse and advertise through website that will greatly increase the popularity of the site at the same time higher searching rank. The ease of use, accessibility and cost effectiveness is eventually a benefit to both the visitor and the website owner. Your website embodies your organization, the way it was design reflects what kind of products and services you offer. Don’t leave yourself from what is trending today. Make a right choice and hire a web designer for your website. Inquire now!