The Former Legend of Chicago Bulls

Basketball is a game played by two teams composing of five members each team. It is a popular game all over the whole wide world. Many people loves it and watch the actual game anywhere. Some individual travels in other country to witness the game. And speaking of the game called “basketball” a former legend from Chicago Bulls Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known as MJ, is an American former basketball player, tycoon, and a principal owner and chairperson of the Charlotte Hornets. For some knowledge for Charlotte Hornets or known as Charlotte Bobcats is an American basketball team that match in the NBA. Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York. They relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina when he was still young. MJ is the fourth son of five children. He attended his secondary schooling in Emsley A.

basketball legend

Laney High School in Wilmington, where he start his athletic profession by playing football, baseball and basketball. In his freshman year, he made the game-winning jump shot in NCCA Championship opposing Georgetown which led to a good result. MJ was dear to his father, where he pretend to be his father’s taste like extending his tongue while he was in work.

MJ is the best basketball player of all time who played fifteen seasons in the NBA or National Basketball Association for the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls. He was one of the best effective athletes during his time. Michael Jordan link in Chicago Bull in the year 1984. MJ suddenly appear as a league star, amusing the crowd with his skill in giving a productive scoring. His ability in presenting slam dunks and later on earned the nicknames “Air Jordan” and “His Airness”. Also achieved a name for being one of the great defensive player. Many people believed that MJ is an amazing person when it comes to playing basketball.

michael jordan

He won his very first championship in the year 1991, and tracked the accomplishment on 1992 and 1993. But in the year 1993, Jordan proclaimed that his stepping down to work, telling a failure of desire to play basketball occur. On other hand, Michael Jordan follow another profession which is baseball but he joined again the Bulls in year 1995 and headed them to three memorable finals in 1996, 1997, and 1998. MJ withdraw again in period 1999, but come again on 2001 to 2003 but not as a member of the Chicago Bulls but as a member of Washington Wizards. MJ states that his purpose is to contribute his income to the victims of the terrorist attack or the September 11 attacks.

When Michael Jordan was on the Dream Team, he played two Olympic gold medal-winning. As a college player, he won the gold in the Summer Olympics that was trained by Bob Knight. On 1992 Summer Olympics, he was one of the representative of the team including Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and David Robinson. The eight games on Olympics was initiated by Michael Jordan. Jordan and the other member of the Dream Team are the only basketball players who was able to win the Olympic gold as uninitiated and certified. Jordan was known as the shooting guard who was also skillful of playing the role as a small forward and also as a point guard. And for being a guard, Michael Jordan is also good in rebound.


He was recognized till the end of his profession for being the strong clutch performer. He mentioned Walter Davis, Jerry West and David Thompson as inspirations. He was privileged with the awards being the NBA’s Defensive Player of the year and turn out to be the First NBA Player to earn together the MVP awards and Defensive Player of the Year. In the NBA history, MJ was rated as third with 2,154 total steals.

Michael Jeffrey Jordan accomplish various awards and established countless records during his profession such as the NBA Champion, being the MVP of the NBA Finals, NBA scoring leader, steal and minute leader, NBA All-Star selections, NBA Rookie of the Year and many more.


Aerial and Maritime Navigation

Ever since man became curious about his surroundings so too did his imagination soar and while we were thousands of years away from learning how to fly, we first braved the seas and oceans. It was by instinct when they realized that they had to come up with a standard unit of measurements to determine the length, width, height and volume of certain objects as well as the distance that they had to travel in order to approximate the time it takes to travel from one spot to another. As we look through the history pages we find that our ancient counterparts were innovative and brilliant when they first constructed modes of transportation.


Ancient Egyptian Ship


It is now believed that boating was conceived since pre-historic times as far back as 45,000 years ago and that it was the Pacific Northwestern indigenous peoples that first developed a crude dugout canoes. However, systematic maritime navigation was not achieved until 5,000 years ago in the ancient Mauryan Empire in the Indus river in what is now known as the country of India. Meanwhile in Mesopotamia the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Kingdom of Punt, Babylonians, Persians and Pheonecians developed river boating for fishing and trade. Among the system of measurements that they had developed were:


Sumerian Measurements


Sumerian basic length units:

•    Grain which is approximately 0.0025 meter
•    Finger which is approximately 0.015 meter
•    Foot which is approximately 0.333 meter
•    Cubit which is approximately 0.497 meter
•    Step which is approximately 1.000 meter
•    Reed which is approximately 3.000 meters
•    Rod which is approximately 6.000 meters
•    Cord which is approximately 60.000 meters
•    Cable which is approximately 360 meters
•    League which is approximately 10,800 meters




Egyptian basic length units:

•    Royal cubit is roughly 52.5 centimeters
•    Standard cubit is roughly 45 centimeters
•    Remen is roughly 37.5 centimeters
•    Djeser is roughly 30 centimeters
•    Span (large) is roughly 25 centimeters
•    Span (small) is roughly 22.5 centimeters
•    Fist is roughly 10.75 centimeters
•    Hand is roughly 9.38 centimeters
•    Palm is roughly 7.5 centimeters
•    Finger is roughly 1.88 centimeters
•    Khet (rod) is roughly 52.5 meters
•    River measure is roughly 10.5 kilometers


Judging from their skills in formulating these basic length units, it can be said that they had a certain level of sophistication. Modern marine navigation uses various measuring equipment such as radar, sonar and global positioning system (GPS). This allows them to measure their ship’s cruising speed (which is in knots or the metric equivalent of 1 nautical mile), the depth of the water (which can be measured in feet, meters or yards), to determine their exact position on the globe and to determine their relative bearing (distance) from their point of origin and their destination.




Aerial navigation
According to modern history it was the Wright brothers who first braved the skies when they created an aeroplane that flew for about 6 minutes. From that time on aircraft development soared and the whole world used it for commercial passenger transport, research and aerial combat for the military. Initially all aircraft navigation adapted the metric (SI) system, but by the 1960’s there have been major changes in measuring length, distance and cruising speed for aerial navigation. All aircraft uses aviation electronics or avionics to effectively navigate their way through the skies but unlike ships and sea vessels they heavily rely on radar and visibility. Except for the cruising speed of an aircraft all other forms of measurement is done with the metric system. So a pilot may identify his cruising speed at 300 knots (which is literally 345.3 miles per hour) and report his relative bearing at 600 statute miles (basic mile) heading 123 degrees north by north-east. In simple terms it means that the aircraft is traveling at 345.3 miles per hour, 600 miles out from its destination (probably an airstrip or an airport) heading in a direction of north by north-east. Determining the current location of the plane, the speed that it travels and the direction it’s heading is very crucial for its estimated time of arrival (ETA), and the radars and computers in the aircraft’s avionics helps makes it possible. Meanwhile control towers on the ground, guides the aircraft to the runway in order to avoid unwanted mid-air collisions and accidents.

Importance of Web Design

What kind of device were you using right now? Is it your desktop or laptop computer at home, or maybe a tablet in which you’ll just be pinching the screen and gesturing to go through different pages and apps on it? Or it could be your smartphone which is way too convenient in reading this with just sliding through thumb? I bet most of us rely so much on devices like this. It is quite fascinating how a website can be viewed in any of this that you desired to use. According to statistic that mobile internet users are increasing that desktop user is being dominated. It means that people are more comfortable using and reading websites through mobile which changes the way it was perceive and considering engaging in the World Wide Web. With many sizes of screen from different devices how is it possible that a website is still running without distorting its design? This is the power of responsive web design.


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One of the necessities of a web design is its responsiveness, the flexibility of the web design that can be viewed perfectly by adapting the device screen size. A person who’s opening a site through a desktop is the same with a person opening with its phone. Through responsive web design it optimizes the design that defers on what kind of device or size of screen. The convenience of this offers a huge help to everyone in different fields from business to education.  The responsive web design is for the better experience that users will have in visiting the page, and optimization of site in whatever device that will be used.


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Simplicity which means “the quality of being understand” is another importance of the web design. How a website is design that will enable the user to find or locate the buttons that they will be using is very effective for the user’s convenience towards the site. Even though the website has awesome appearance and graphics but then the functionality is quite off then better upgrade and consult a web designer. The usability of the website greatly affect how the user will think towards the page and may lead to visit again or never. Like how the content of the site was presented must be in simplicity and connect to what kind of topic was offered and what kind of people will be visiting the site.


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From responsiveness to content deliberation represents how a successful web design affect and attract the visitors, as the primary aim of web designing is to satisfy the need of the visitors and its client. As today the emerging technology reflects how dynamic everything can be like your business can be endorse and advertise through website that will greatly increase the popularity of the site at the same time higher searching rank. The ease of use, accessibility and cost effectiveness is eventually a benefit to both the visitor and the website owner. Your website embodies your organization, the way it was design reflects what kind of products and services you offer. Don’t leave yourself from what is trending today. Make a right choice and hire a web designer for your website. Inquire now!