41st Annual Merry Tuba Christmas and Tree Lighting Ceremony School Tours at Rockefeller Center, NY

Get your next New York school tours here at the Rockefeller Center as hundreds of tenor and bass tuba players will congregate on The Rink around the place. Different tubists of all ages will line up under the famous Christmas tree and fills the plaza with a great organ-line sound of low brass. Well, you can encourage the students to sing along with the Christmas carols and holiday favorites performed.


These musicians which are hailed across the country will be conducted by Chris Wilhjelm, the conductor of the famous Goldman Band. Additionally, this is apprehended by tuba virtuoso Harvey Phillips to honor his teacher, the late William J. Bell, which was born in Christmas Day in the year 1902. The first Tuba Christmas was performed at the Rockefeller Center was back in 1974, conducted by Paul LaValle of the Band of America Fame.

Moreover, you should kick-off the students’ seasonal New York school tours at the iconic Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Rockefeller Center, which in this year, makes it their 82nd Annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is an amazing and world-wide symbol for the holidays inside New York City. This unlighted tree usually arrives in mid-November. Then we have this Thanksgiving and Black Friday, when those different department stores exposed their famous window holiday displays and decorations. Traditionally, the tree is a kind of Norway Spruce and is illuminated with 30,000 different LED lights and 7 ½ bulbs, but the lights are environmentally friendly of five miles of electrical wires to compliment with the tree. Also, each of the tree’s branches has been wrapped individually to achieve a full lighting effect and there are no other ornaments and decorations in the tree expect for crowned Swarovski Crystal Star at top of it.


Tens of thousands visitors, crowds the sidewalk for this event and hundreds of million will be watching the Tree Lighting Ceremony broadcast live across the globe. Essentially, let your students experience a memory of their New York school tours here, joining among with this yuletide spirit yet it will be working with some bit of patience as you’re walking up to the front to get a picture-perfect view of the tree. The tree may literally crown the Rockefeller Center, but the surrounding plaza is equally colorful. There are even Toy Soldiers and Angels that additionally bringing up some more light in the walkaways, hearing some holiday carols which fills the air and some Salvation Army volunteers jingle their bells through. And more bonuses, those horn-blowing Angels will lead you and students to the Rockefeller Tree, Prometheus and the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink. These heart-warming angels are represents hope and the Prometheus, the gold statue inside the Rockefeller Plaza represents the ancient Greek legend of the Titan, which means bringing fire to the man-kind.


This celebration is fun, full of pomp and different surprising celebrities that will join the crowd.So, let them get an unbeatable New York school tours this year! Basking in the sights of this famous tradition personally and introducing a New York historian speak about the interesting history and architecture of this one-of-a-kind ceremony. And there’s more to expect, those surprisingly talented line up performers and presenters.