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Why The Virtual Work Environment Will Soon Dominate The Corporate Workforce

The Internet, one of the greatest innovation created by man, opened many probabilities and possibilities for our everyday living. Computer software, hardware, and the Internet combined gave birth to the possibility of the Virtual Work Environment, which has now unlocked the potential of many employees and employers who prefer its perks and benefits. Though can we say that it is a sure way to work reliably in the years to come? Yes, its possibilities are so endless and promising that it might even in fact dominate the corporate workforce sooner than we expect it.

home based jobs

A virtual work environment or virtual work space can be defined as a workplace that is not present in any physical space or realm. Though it is usually in a network  of several work spaces technologically linked or connected within a private network or to the internet. So as long as you have the means to connect to your private network or the internet, then your virtual work environment will always remain accessible wherever you are. To summarize everything so far, a virtual work  environment is an end-result when hardware, online processes, and people are integrated together.

virtual workplace

With today’s rapid expansion of information technology, virtual work spaces has become so advantageous in meeting the needs of many of consumers whenever and wherever they are. Furthermore, employees does not anymore need to travel to their respective offices in order to passionately perform their duties and responsibilities to the company. Through virtual work spaces, an employee can now happily work within the vicinity of their home while they are still be able to connect to teammates, peers, and superiors via the internet. In addition, employers can now focus more on their employees’ well fare and their customers’ needs since the responsibility to provide technology and internet access are already shouldered by the employee. Finally, a company can even hold meetings or training session through virtual work spaces ultimately limiting the need to send trainers and representatives to the employees.

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The list of advantages goes on-and-on for a virtual work environment though sadly it does come with its specific challenges as well. First, certain jobs requires the demand of stronger computer technology that could possibly bottleneck the productivity of a talented employee using sub-par computers. Other employees might even have trouble adapting to the lack of human contact that could reduce team spirit, trust, and productivity. Lastly, others might not be able to fully understand that they are possibly working with people from different countries with different cultures that they become too interpersonal and communication sensitive. Regardless of the listed challenges above, employers can easily fix them by giving financial help to a technologically gaped employee, promoting teammate bonding sessions, and online orientations with regards to the work environment.

The advantages and benefits of the virtual work spaces have already been unlocked and utilized by many and it is now time for us to follow through in order to make it grow especially with today’s Information technology-driven world. Regardless of its challenges, the perks and benefits of a virtual work environment vastly outweighs every challenges and not to mention that these challenges can be quickly fixed with the employer’s help.


World’s Best Top Ten Restaurants in 2015

Every year, restaurateurs, food writers, food experts, fine diners and ordinary people look forward to read the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list, seeking gastronomic trends and rational themes. That said, for several years the top-ranking spots tended to showcase restaurants that strike a balance of lavishness with a touch of modernization.


In other words, such influence of popular restaurants becomes extremely tough to come by. Quite a lot of the top places only allow reservations and booking which disappear within minutes, so it is a big help to be ready online or on the phone as soon reservations and reservation slots are released.
Here’s a quick look at the top ten on this year’s 50 Best List. To start the thrill, let’s start at the 10th place and together choose the restaurants that suit your taste.


10. The Ledbury, London, UK
The Ledbury is undoubtedly the most traditional among the top ten restaurants, which is to say that its cordon bleu — Australian-born Brett Graham is warm and quietly outstanding, the same nicknames that can be used to define his food and the restaurant itself. The dishes served in this London restaurant are known to be modern French style with its standout dish known as Loin of roe deer baked in Douglas fir with blackcurrants, white beetroot, and smoked bone marrow. A meal for two without wine costs $270 only. You will not be disappointed with the accommodation because the service is highly personable, with staff helping to create an atmosphere that is always relaxed with a dining room that is so bright and uncomplicated. That said, The Ledbury is the kind of restaurant you can return from time to time.


9. Alinea, Chicago, USA
Since the opening of Alinea in Chicago back in 2005, Grant Achatz did a fleeting spell in food revolution. And after a decade, Grant have been continuing to motivate the limits of avant-garde cuisine with his 18-or-so-course evolving tasty menu which costs $420 for a meal for two without wine that compromises an unapologetically mind-blowing journey. Alinea is popular with its cutting-edge method of food preparation and the notable dish called Lilly bulbs, condensation of lily and finger lime and apple blossoms. Situated at Lincoln Park, Alinea is truthfully a modern restaurant; it is separated into four different quarters to tolerate an uninterrupted dining experience and guests’ privacy. But that’s just not where the magic begins, the fashionable décor reveals extraordinary lighting allowing the color of the bulwarks to change and generate moods. This Chicago restaurant offers carefully-scripted once-in-a-lifetime experience more than dishes.


8. Arzak, San Sebastian, Spain
Juan Mari Arzakwas arguably one of the great geniuses of Spanish gastronomy, among the world’s first to adopt modern techniques and scientific approach to cooking. As with others introduced on this best-selected list, the Arzak’s cookery is about extracting the best local ingredients and reworking of traditional dishes procedures. Arzak’s kitchen restaurant is built in a picturesque-looking building that is now run mainly by his daughter Elena Arzak-Espina. Elena continues the Basque innovation creating dishes like “waves” of monkfish or local spider crab cooked in an edible green papier-máche balloon that manage to feel unusual to eat. For a Modern Basque experience, head down to Arzak at San Sebastián and see how the restaurant change your life by just spending $530 for a meal for two.


7. D.O.M, São Paulo, Brazil
Looking for a modern-day-chef Tarzan? Gifted chef — Alex Atala opened D.O.M – Deo Optimus Maximus that means “God is greatest and best” in Latin for his much-loved Amazon. Nowadays, South American food and ingredients are moving to the peak tables of gastronomy across the world, including Atala that has a major hand in this. Precise plating and attention to detail are guarantees of Atala’s imaginative creations, who still uses a lot of classic gastronomic ways. A dinner for two without wine would just cost you $400, in their Contemporary/Amazonian style of food. To give you teaser about the mouthwatering food, here are fresh heart of palm with coral sauce and scallops, which is an example of the vivacious menu in their native repertoire.


6. Mugaritz, San Sebastian, Spain
Named after an oak tree that propagates in the homeland mounts of the Basque Country, Mugaritz takes attention to feature to new restaurant paradigms. The whole shebang about cook Andoni Luis Aduriz’s restaurant is that, from the aroma of the barbecue that emanates from the kitchen, to the way the tables are left bared for a reason is that Aduriz sets a meal to surprise as well amuse the guests with its culinary tricks for the eye. Chef Aduriz is the Aristotle of the present-day cooking, famous starter of edible ‘stones’ which are real potatoes whose river rock form gives uncomfortable sensation to diner styled cleverly to look like breaking your teeth to bits. What is $470 dollars for a techno-emotional Spanish experience for two at Spain’s finest Mugaritz restaurant? Better hurry and try this up! Aduriz has many more tricks on his hand.


5. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London, UK
Heston Blumenthal took his captivation towards English culinary history and revolved it into somewhat surprising for us. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal was opened on 2011 and has rapidly grown like a flash of light being widely renowned in its own right. Supervised by Blumenthal’s right-hand man, Ashley Palmer-Watts, the fashionable restaurant located at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in London’s Knightsbridge is all about Historical British food reinvented. Dinner continues to wow its patrons with ever-evolving creations with its signature dishes including Buttered crab loaf and Tipsy Cake with spit-roast. Recipes way back in 1300s are given 21st-century transformation with new-age cooking techniques and modern ingredients, resulting with a menu that takes you on a full-wonder journey and discovery only spending $230 dollars from your wallet for a meal for two. Is it certainly the U.K.’s best restaurant? Probably not. But as time goes on, this restaurant goes up extremely easily.

4. Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA
Given this hushed yet theatrical dining room— its wooden floors and huge floor-to ceiling windows are an imposing backdrop, Swiss-born chef Daniel Hummand co-owner Will Guidara comes out with a typical New York restaurant which is now mimicked around the world. Eleven Madison Park  starts with card tricks in which a waiter appears with deck of cards on which different ingredients are written and offers the diner to pick a card, only for a chocolate to be shown from a furtive compartment below the dessert bowl that is made from the filling on the preferred card. To unusual serves, nothing about a meal in Eleven Madison Park is unexciting, with just $450 dollars, you’ll have to experience a Modern French with a New York swagger in their Duck roasted with lavender and honey dish. Excellent service — attentive, modern, graceful— adds to the sense of supreme well-being in this American diner.

Inside Osteria Francescana

3. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
For two consecutive years, Osteria Francescana stands in third place. Italians are known to be spiky when it comes to nosy people with ancient gastronomic customs, yet Massimo Bottura is talented enough to balance the weights of modernity and heritage and has created a restaurant where those kind of people are looking for. The menu is categorized to three: First are the traditional dishes from Emilia-Romagna locale that only have slight or no edgy elements. Then there are Modern Classics namely the foiegras crunch and the kitchen’s five ages of Parmesan. Finally, the Newly Developed Dishes which include ‘camouflage’ — a thin foiegras layer draped with powders prepared to look like army woodland camo. These tasty meals rate $360-$525 only for a meal for two that is without wine yet. Osteria Francescana comes from the abstract modern paintings on the wall and continues the art on your plates.


2. El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain
El Celler de Can Roca is a local family-owned restaurant supervised by three brothers — head chef Joan, wine steward Joseph, and pastry chef Jordi. This Modern Spanish restaurant has been featured for almost a decade on the top lists, reaching the number one spot on 2013 and had influenced the globe with its gastronomic prowess. Visitors coming in the restaurant immediately feels wrapped in a world of sincere friendliness in what may very well the most beautiful dining room in Europe. The 14-course food experience is with Catalan’s best ingredients cooked with superlative accuracy. The extraordinary cuisines include Charcoal-grilled king prawn and a dessert called Messi’s Goal, with a sugarcoated pitch with white chocolate balls that are matched with hypnotic selection of wines from the Spanish neck of land for just $390-$480 from your bag of money.


1. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish restaurant— Noma has dramatically reclaimed its crown from the Spanish rival in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list on 2014 that had held the top spot for three previous years. Located in an old whaling warehouse, the 45-seat restaurant is headed by Chef René Redzepi. Diners  are introduced to new Nordic cuisine via its unique series of ‘snacks’ in 10 servings that include the cod liver and sea urchin toast and features unusual ingredients sourced from the available region. With flavor to the fore, there are dishes here that make you feel glad to be alive. The meal might then continue through a traditional Danish kind of fritter—coated with a sauce made from fermented grasshopper, and end with a dessert of plum purée, almond and potato. It may sound wacky, but then, Redzepi and his crew succeed to make it all luscious. With just $600, you can already see yourself dining with a friend in the world’s best restaurant. As well as deeply gratifying: Noma continues to offer what may well be the most engaged service in the world.

Visiting these restaurants could be overwhelming in your taste of experience, with highly recommended services and astonishing food delicacies which your tongue can filled up with such greatness. What these restaurants have in common is that they bring the best provisions for the customers that they get to share with their loved one/family, to make sure that every cent spent is much paid with the food and the memories they have to provide.

Top 10 Movies That Earned $1 Billion Or More

There are five cardinal elements in film-making that sets the standard for a box office-worthy movie, and those are the script, cinematography, pacing, performances of the actors and special effects (whenever necessary). Come up short with any of these and you can be sure that your movie will be a failure or a Class B or C at that. Some movies have great scripts but they ended up tedious and sluggish due to poor direction and acting or really bad special effects. You can get away with subtle special effects but everything else is right, but you can’t get around a bad story, pacing and performance even if you paid tens of millions for movie effects.


Why Movies Flop
There are probably a ton of reasons why movies don’t deliver what they promised on the trailers, but perhaps the most prevailing ones could be, because of poor leadership particularly on the part of the movie directors and studio executives. Studio execs and movie directors at times disagree with the direction of the film, because while the directors lean more on their creative side, studio execs will always be cautious in spending the budget for the movie. An example of this can be observed on films such as Universal Studios’ “Waterworld” that starred Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper as well as Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Superman Returns” that starred Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey. The directors asked for so much money on production but didn’t deliver the excitement that everyone expected on screen and as a result, the movies barely got their production budget back with the income that the films made.

Now let’s look at those movies that broke the block buster records when they grossed to more than a billion dollars!


1.) “Avatar” (2009) – $2.8 Billion
James Cameron is among the top 10% of the best of the best Hollywood movie directors out there and he has a long list of films to prove it, but when he made “Avatar,” it dwarfed all the other movies that came before or after it. With the exception of “Gone with the Wind” ($3.3 billion) and “Star Wars” ($2.7 billion), there are no other films to date that has broken Avatar’s box office record. Following our formula for a great film, you can easily see why this film earned this kind of income. Basically it started out with a good script because it is rooted in our reality and how humankind comes into conflict with Nature and destroys the very thing that sustains it.

It was shot entirely on 3D which is unparalleled since the movie industry began, the pacing is perfect added with great performances by Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and other supporting cast; you will really get invested in the movie within the first 15 minutes of watching it. And finally the special effects became easy to incorporate in the film as it was already shot in 3D previously, making a great movie spectacle that nearly every living soul on the planet relate to it in a deep and respectful sense. It sent a clear message to all of us – we cannot survive here on Earth if we’ll keep destroying the environment.


2.) “Titanic” (1997) – $2.2 Billion
See why I said that James Cameron is one of the best film directors in Hollywood? That’s because his second hit just lags $600 million behind his best movie – “Avatar!” Once again “Titanic” follows our formula for a big movie success, although I must say that the pacing kind of feels a little sluggish, but overall it’s still a great movie experience nonetheless. This movie is where Leonardo DiCaprio’s career was launched into greatness and his performances have not diminished ever since. “Titanic” is a sad retelling of the tragedy that happened over 100 years ago in the Atlantic Ocean, how a short-lived love story fairy tale could last a lifetime even though Rose’s lover, Jack had died that night, and how the sinking of the ship on its maiden voyage was accurately depicted.


3.) “The Avengers” (2012) – $1.5 Billion
It was not so long ago that Hollywood was about ego and artistic storytelling by screenplay writers, movie directors and movie executives attempting to be nostalgic and relive the glory days of how the movie industry started out. Marvel Comics got a bit disappointed at how movie studios approved their superhero films and decided to create its own movie studio with the same name. And then the rest was history, but it wasn’t just that that they changed in Hollywood, they destroyed the status quo and made movies that had depth, artistic renderings and of course, often came back as box office smashers. “Marvel’s The Avengers” forever sealed the fate of superhero genres when it earned over $1.5 billion domestically and internationally! I suppose I don’t have to tell you how the movie had all the things that the five cardinal elements to make a great film, because it hit every category in an almost perfect harmonious rhythm.

But if you really want to peel every scene of it and spot the best parts that Joss Whedon put in, then I suggest you watch it, because no words can describe how good the movie is.

Fast and Furious 7

4.) “Fast & Furious 7” (2015) – $1.5 Billion
Universal Pictures together with brilliant director, James Wan, fired up the latest instalment of their proprietary franchise – Fast & Furious 7 – with a production budget of nearly $200 million, which of course resulted in a mega box office hit! Although the film suffered a major blow with the untimely death of Paul Walker (plays Brian O’Conner in the movie) back in 2013, fans didn’t abandon it and instead gave their undivided support that unofficially serves as a memoriam to the action superstar. You would normally expect that films like Fast & Furious is just your average dumb-down, running around and explosions flick that doesn’t deserve any praise; however, the movie does exhibit the same elements as any film on this list and that is the reason behind its success.


5.) “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015) – $1.3 Billion
Joss Whedon ups his game in the most anticipated superhero movie sequel, “Avengers: Age of Ultron!” This film has not actually finished airing yet, but we’re already certain that it will surpass the earnings of the first film at $1.5 billion. Marvel has proven yet again that a great storyline plus a spectacular visual effects will almost always captivate people’s attention. What Marvel did has never been done in cinema history which is to bring several very talented actors together and make a great movie at the same time. This would have been a daunting task for any traditional Hollywood movie studio that’s been around for over 50 years now. Marvel literally did thought outside the box and set a new standard in film-making that most studios now follow, simply because of their unparalleled success.

As before Avengers: Age of Ultron has all the cardinal elements for a potentially great movie and it has got it in spades!


6.) “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2” (2011) – $1.3 Billion
I have to admit that fans said that this movie had huge plot holes that are almost impossible to ignore; however, Director David Yates and the marketing team of Warner Bros. Pictures kept the hype high enough for people to rush to the movie theaters when the film was released, which is not bad if you want to get technical a little bit. Fans and critics might not be too happy though but hey! We’re talking about movie success based on box office records and not plot holes and poor screenplay. Still Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows decently wrapped up the franchise after 10 years and recently WB and JK Rowling announced a spin off movie or probably just a continuation.

Suffice it to say the last Harry Potter movie has most of the important elements for a great film, but it is hard to get over the fact that Harry could have used that luck potion to beat Voldemort instead of getting himself killed for being unprepared to face his nemesis.


7.) “Iron-Man 3” and “Frozen” (2013) – $1.2 Billion
For the fans of the Iron-Man comic book and film franchise, I must say that Director Shane Black clearly messed up the whole ending with his “creativeness,” and it should not deserve a billion dollars of box office success. However, the rest of the world have fallen in love with the Iron-Man that Robert Downey Jr. Brought to life, so they didn’t mind the sloppy screenplay of Iron-Man 3 and went to see it anyway. Disney’s “Frozen” though rightfully deserves the box office it garnered and both films snatched the seventh spot in a tie in our top 10 films with over a billion dollars to their names. Both films exhibit the cardinal elements in order to make a great film and even deserve more sequels than what their respective studios allowed.


8.) “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003) – $1.1 Billion
This movie needs no fancy introduction as everyone knows how amazingly J. R. R. Tolkien created this fantasy world in his books that bore the same title. In fact, the author dedicated his entire life in creating this seemingly alternate reality that, if it were hidden in a catacomb somewhere in early 20th century England, people would undoubtedly mistook it for some kind of origin story or Bible of the ancient Druids or Celts. If you’ve read his books, you’ll know what I mean. Although Tolkien took most of the parts of the Lord of the Rings series from ancient Norse mythology, there is no other book that can be compared to it even to this day. What Peter Jackson did was simply enhanced the story visually but all the ground work has been laid out nearly century before he was even born. Needless to say the film has most, if not all, of the cardinal elements for a great movie.


9.) “Skyfall” (2012) – $1.1 Billion
The James Bond franchise has been in circulation since 1952 when author Ian Fleming first published “Casino Royale” the novel, which was also the same title of the 2006 movie produced by Barbara Broccoli (daughter of the late Albert Broccoli). Albert Broccoli then saw the movie potential for Fleming’s novels and started the first James Bond movie in 1962 with the title “Dr. No” where Sean Connery also became the first James Bond character. Half a century later and the franchise is still going strong, so strong in fact, that it brought in $1,108,561,013 billion in the fall of 2012! Already, producer Barbara Broccoli and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer & Columbia Pictures are working on the new James Bond movie that stars Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Dave Bautista and Ralph Fiennes and it’s called “Spectre.”

The movie is set to release on November 6, 2015 and is expected to earn more than the last movie. Aside from having a large fan base, the James Bond movies also incorporate the most important elements that make a film break box office records.


10.) “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) – $1 Billion
It seems that the list is dominated by superhero and sci-fi movies; and it’s no surprise that America’s all-time favourite cape crusader, The Batman, captured the last place of our top 10 movies that earned $1 billion+ in box office sales. Personally, I never thought that the Batman franchise would make it past $600 million, I mean, come on?! It’s about a guy who trained as a ninja and wears a funny bat suit who fights crime at nights. Even if it has a large fan base, who would buy that? But Chris Nolan, Warner Bros. and DC Comics did the best Batman movie in decades since when they did “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Thanks to the executive producers and director, Chris Nolan, who stayed true to the source material for the most part of the film, the Dark Knight Trilogy became an iconic symbol of success in Hollywood as it has already done so in the comic books for more than 50 years.


Note: Jurassic World made a total of $1,465,838,000 to date! Movie experts also expects Batman v Superman and X – Men: Apocalypse to reel in impressive box office results in 2016

2016 Mega Spoilers:





Small Business Online – Don’t Miss Out On The Basics

In this modern age where the fast pace advancement of technologies never cease to fail. More and more entrepreneurs are putting their business online because of the vast advantages that they can get. Plus the reality that in today’s generation, billions of people are using the internet that’s why more and more entrepreneurs are attracted to engage their business online.



The existence of online in business world can make a big difference. It’s a powerful marketing strategy and communication tool that will help expand a business. It opens the door of opportunities where a small business can be seen and found by a wide variety of people from different places.

Online businesses emerged from the birth of internet as the World Wide Web sites continue to evolve and progressively became a substitute for the real market place. It allows everyone to fairly play the ground of business marketing tactics where they can sale and present their products as catchy as it can be, advertising services that a business can offer. It has also taken down the political and physical barriers giving everyone a chance to compete with others.


Online business has many benefits to offer such as the increase of professionalism, less paper works, increased sales and productivity. And also having business online can be access anytime, anywhere worldwide as it needs. A cost saving were you don’t need to spend lot of money for renting or building a shop, buying materials and paying many employees. It also includes your choice to live and work anywhere as it pleases you.

In addition, running a business is not an easy thing to do because most of the time you need to take a risk. Putting business online is not an assurance that your business will become successful one.  It depends on how you are going to manage and to handle your business in every tricky situation that will come. Failures may come but it’s not an enough reason to give up. A business is like a puzzle where you need to think and find the right way and right answers. However by gathering data, research, and information it can reduce the burden of complexity and will be a stepping stone to wonderful outcome.

Aerial and Maritime Navigation

Ever since man became curious about his surroundings so too did his imagination soar and while we were thousands of years away from learning how to fly, we first braved the seas and oceans. It was by instinct when they realized that they had to come up with a standard unit of measurements to determine the length, width, height and volume of certain objects as well as the distance that they had to travel in order to approximate the time it takes to travel from one spot to another. As we look through the history pages we find that our ancient counterparts were innovative and brilliant when they first constructed modes of transportation.


Ancient Egyptian Ship


It is now believed that boating was conceived since pre-historic times as far back as 45,000 years ago and that it was the Pacific Northwestern indigenous peoples that first developed a crude dugout canoes. However, systematic maritime navigation was not achieved until 5,000 years ago in the ancient Mauryan Empire in the Indus river in what is now known as the country of India. Meanwhile in Mesopotamia the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Kingdom of Punt, Babylonians, Persians and Pheonecians developed river boating for fishing and trade. Among the system of measurements that they had developed were:


Sumerian Measurements


Sumerian basic length units:

•    Grain which is approximately 0.0025 meter
•    Finger which is approximately 0.015 meter
•    Foot which is approximately 0.333 meter
•    Cubit which is approximately 0.497 meter
•    Step which is approximately 1.000 meter
•    Reed which is approximately 3.000 meters
•    Rod which is approximately 6.000 meters
•    Cord which is approximately 60.000 meters
•    Cable which is approximately 360 meters
•    League which is approximately 10,800 meters




Egyptian basic length units:

•    Royal cubit is roughly 52.5 centimeters
•    Standard cubit is roughly 45 centimeters
•    Remen is roughly 37.5 centimeters
•    Djeser is roughly 30 centimeters
•    Span (large) is roughly 25 centimeters
•    Span (small) is roughly 22.5 centimeters
•    Fist is roughly 10.75 centimeters
•    Hand is roughly 9.38 centimeters
•    Palm is roughly 7.5 centimeters
•    Finger is roughly 1.88 centimeters
•    Khet (rod) is roughly 52.5 meters
•    River measure is roughly 10.5 kilometers


Judging from their skills in formulating these basic length units, it can be said that they had a certain level of sophistication. Modern marine navigation uses various measuring equipment such as radar, sonar and global positioning system (GPS). This allows them to measure their ship’s cruising speed (which is in knots or the metric equivalent of 1 nautical mile), the depth of the water (which can be measured in feet, meters or yards), to determine their exact position on the globe and to determine their relative bearing (distance) from their point of origin and their destination.




Aerial navigation
According to modern history it was the Wright brothers who first braved the skies when they created an aeroplane that flew for about 6 minutes. From that time on aircraft development soared and the whole world used it for commercial passenger transport, research and aerial combat for the military. Initially all aircraft navigation adapted the metric (SI) system, but by the 1960’s there have been major changes in measuring length, distance and cruising speed for aerial navigation. All aircraft uses aviation electronics or avionics to effectively navigate their way through the skies but unlike ships and sea vessels they heavily rely on radar and visibility. Except for the cruising speed of an aircraft all other forms of measurement is done with the metric system. So a pilot may identify his cruising speed at 300 knots (which is literally 345.3 miles per hour) and report his relative bearing at 600 statute miles (basic mile) heading 123 degrees north by north-east. In simple terms it means that the aircraft is traveling at 345.3 miles per hour, 600 miles out from its destination (probably an airstrip or an airport) heading in a direction of north by north-east. Determining the current location of the plane, the speed that it travels and the direction it’s heading is very crucial for its estimated time of arrival (ETA), and the radars and computers in the aircraft’s avionics helps makes it possible. Meanwhile control towers on the ground, guides the aircraft to the runway in order to avoid unwanted mid-air collisions and accidents.

Importance of Web Design

What kind of device were you using right now? Is it your desktop or laptop computer at home, or maybe a tablet in which you’ll just be pinching the screen and gesturing to go through different pages and apps on it? Or it could be your smartphone which is way too convenient in reading this with just sliding through thumb? I bet most of us rely so much on devices like this. It is quite fascinating how a website can be viewed in any of this that you desired to use. According to statistic that mobile internet users are increasing that desktop user is being dominated. It means that people are more comfortable using and reading websites through mobile which changes the way it was perceive and considering engaging in the World Wide Web. With many sizes of screen from different devices how is it possible that a website is still running without distorting its design? This is the power of responsive web design.


web design banner

One of the necessities of a web design is its responsiveness, the flexibility of the web design that can be viewed perfectly by adapting the device screen size. A person who’s opening a site through a desktop is the same with a person opening with its phone. Through responsive web design it optimizes the design that defers on what kind of device or size of screen. The convenience of this offers a huge help to everyone in different fields from business to education.  The responsive web design is for the better experience that users will have in visiting the page, and optimization of site in whatever device that will be used.


web designer

Simplicity which means “the quality of being understand” is another importance of the web design. How a website is design that will enable the user to find or locate the buttons that they will be using is very effective for the user’s convenience towards the site. Even though the website has awesome appearance and graphics but then the functionality is quite off then better upgrade and consult a web designer. The usability of the website greatly affect how the user will think towards the page and may lead to visit again or never. Like how the content of the site was presented must be in simplicity and connect to what kind of topic was offered and what kind of people will be visiting the site.


featured web design

From responsiveness to content deliberation represents how a successful web design affect and attract the visitors, as the primary aim of web designing is to satisfy the need of the visitors and its client. As today the emerging technology reflects how dynamic everything can be like your business can be endorse and advertise through website that will greatly increase the popularity of the site at the same time higher searching rank. The ease of use, accessibility and cost effectiveness is eventually a benefit to both the visitor and the website owner. Your website embodies your organization, the way it was design reflects what kind of products and services you offer. Don’t leave yourself from what is trending today. Make a right choice and hire a web designer for your website. Inquire now!

Newest Microsoft Product Dubbed as the “Windows 9.x” will be Officially Announced on September 30, 2014

It’s been 39 years – as of last April 4, 2014 – since Bill Gates started his company, Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. and today after more than 9 versions of the Windows OS (operating system); the company will once again reveal its latest version of it yet again! And it’s called “Windows 9.x” or “Windows 9 Beta.”

Featured Concept Windows 9

According to reliable sources, Microsoft will make the announcement about the Windows 9 this coming Tuesday, September 30th. But the company as of late would not say anymore and it seems they want to surprise the public and not spoil the press event.

Lucky for us fans, Alain Crozier, Microsoft’s President for France slipped some tidbits on the news about the Microsoft Windows 9 platform – perhaps unknowingly – boy wouldn’t Bill Gates be irked about this! TechCrunch and WPCentral were the first to pick up the news via their French assets, which confirmed that the translated transcripts of Crozier’s speech at a press event last Tuesday was, in fact, accurate.

Alain Crozier

As far as we know, everything that Microsoft teased for the September 30 event regarding their latest product or products is this “what’s next for Windows with information geared toward technical and enterprise customers.” Also most of the press thinks that this is not a major event, which is not enough to merit the attention of something close to unveiling the Windows 9 Beta.

However, the amount of information that has been leaked online including some Windows 9.x screenshot images and a Windows 9 video weeks prior to the September 30th press event, is very suggestive. It would seem that Microsoft will indeed launch its latest Windows platform in the form of the Windows 9. Speculations are now circulating around the internet and media outlets that the company will give the OS a fresh look and ditch the numbering system, but their own wild card, Crozier, has already mentioned that the new software will be called Windows 9.

Windows 9 Concept

In an attempt to keep the secrecy, Microsoft has been on a denial pilgrimage from here in the United States all the way up to France and the rest of the world. Giving out official statements saying that they don’t have a name for it yet or that it is unclear what kind of product or products they will release on Tuesday. Still, even I am now convinced that we’re going to see the Windows 9 OS sooner or later.

I do hope that they will make a lighter Windows 9 requirements in terms of hardware specs, I mean, if they’re really going for efficiency here, then that’s the best way to do it. Believe it or not, Wikipedia has already written a short citation about Windows 9 and you can Google search the term “Windows 9 wiki” to find it. And it may take months after the Windows 9 Beta launch before hackers could pirate this thing – yet again – I’m sure next year there’ll be a lot of torrent sites that will share free Windows 9 or download Windows 9 links to folks who just wants to get it for free.

Girl with laptop in her home.

But I would strongly advise against such things as you will not be able to get product support from Microsoft and worst, you would get arrested and fined for using pirated Microsoft products.

Everybody wants a Rolex Watch! Why not a Rolex Replica Instead?

It’s important for everyone to have accurate timepieces for their every day routine. While the timepieces market grows and develop, a few famous name brands like Rolex and others created their strongholds in the watch industry. Naturally the elegant designs and features of the Rolex brand begets a very high value on it which only the elite can afford. You can just imagine the envy that this will arouse on the masses that live on an average pay grade – it’s just not fair! It creates an unpleasant barrier of status quos and adheres to the norms of the socialites and the ordinary people. Until replica timepieces makers decided to change all that.


Rolex Replica Watch
Image (c) Evolution Cell

The replica makers created a middle ground where ordinary folks like me and you could finally afford to buy an exquisite Rolex replica at 1/16th of the original price. This satisfies both the heavy demand for high quality movements and the insatiable desire to lavish at such famous brand names without the burden of having to pay too much for it. Unfortunately, where the fish gather to feed the sharks will be there also, to look for an opportunity to prey on the weak and unprepared. Yes, you have to be careful of swindlers because they will not think twice to dupe you on a bad quality Rolex replica and suck your wallet dry. It may be best for you to read reviews such as this blog post as well as research on the original Rolex and high quality replicas regarding their features and unique designs.

If you spot anything out of place or too much offset from the replica watches you’re being offered, then don’t linger and walk away immediately!


Rolex Submariner Replica
Image (c) Hello Rolex


Always keep in mind to purchase amazing and magnificent models of Rolex watches from reliable sources with top notched reputation from customers and business peers alike. The differences between an original Rolex and those high quality imitations are almost invisible. It’s not to say that there aren’t any but if you really want to see them, it’s either you have a magnifying lens or an expert watch maker yourself. They made the replicas look as close to the authentic timepieces as possible in order to ascertain their place in the watch industry. So there’s no need to worry about the quality of these Rolex replicas. They’ll last for 3 – 5 years and some last even further than that.

You can also buy these awesome looking Rolex replica watches online on several reputable websites. Some are being offered with at least 10% price cuts! This feature attracts a lot of people who desire to have a designer watch in their collection as these are not expensive ones and they are affordable as well. Some websites offer high resolution images and videos of the replica watches that they’re selling. This will make the selection process easier as the images and videos themselves have a link embedded in them that will automatically redirect you to the purchasing page.


Adam Scott Rolex
Image (c) Fifth Avenue Rolex Man

And have given all the essential details related to the product you want to purchase from their online store/ Aside from that the feature page for the specific Rolex replica watch that you want to buy has detailed information in it. Information such as detailed specifications, features, benchmark, customer reviews and more are readily available to you. Once you’ve purchased the Rolex watch that you desire it will be shipped to you in a few days and then you can enjoy your new Rolex replica.

Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF

The Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF is an important piece of equipment that you’ll be using for years to cook dinner with friends and family. It’s important because, like most things in life, it builds lasting impressions on people. Bad food will make you a bad cook while good food will make you everybody’s favorite! So if you want the best in everything there’s nothing better than Adcraft’s electric grill.


Here are some of its stunning specifications:

•    Constructed of heavy duty Stainless Steel
•    Cast Iron Grooved Grill Plates
•    Temperature control switch which adjusts from 120° – 570°
•    Overall Dimensions are 20″ x 17″ x 10″
•    NSF Approved

What to look for in commercial grills
According to grilling experts you ought to be looking for these things in almost every commercial grill that you buy:

•    A built-in thermostat
•    Sturdy shelving on the sides.
•    A grill cover.
•    Ample cooking space.


Putting the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF to the test
The Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF sports a sturdy, cast iron cooking grate that packs 122.5 square inches of grill surface and for an electric grill it’s quite the attention catcher heating its core up to 570° Fahrenheit. We even tested its “grilling” capabilities on vegetables and meat just to see how efficient it is and the results were acceptable. The first batch of veggies to christen the grill was kebabs, red pepper and a couple of corn on the cob. We rotated all of them every 5 minutes and after 20 minutes of grilling, they were looking very delicious to eat.

Then we tried to grill different kinds of meat and see how the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF held up. This time we placed the heavy hitters such as chicken breasts, hamburger patties, square beef cuts, pork barbecue and fish meat. Heating it up to the maximum temperature of 570° the meat had a deep brown and sometimes reddish-brown color, very juicy and had a rubbery texture. All the goodness that you look for in any grilled meat!


•    It cooks like a real Italian Panini.
•    Commercial business owners (especially restaurants and food chains) love it because it’s easy to use, competitive price and it’s power efficient.
•    Small and lightweight
•    High temperature yield
•    Easy to clean



•    No warranty or guaranty

The “take-away”
Essentially the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF was designed with the intention for commercial use. Although it may not be the most high-tech electric grill out there, it does live up to its name which is being able to match those Italian Panini meals that people are so fond of. Only a few other brands are on par with Adcraft’s electric grill and clearly the designers gave so much thought in designing this machine which thus has earned its reputation in the market. Most online customers gave this amazing device a five-star feedback in sites such as Amazon, eBay and other similar websites. Local stores highly recommend the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF as well.

Binoculars: How to Use Them

Binoculars have a central focus wheel and a diopter focus adjustment. The diopter is often part of the right-hand eyepiece. The purpose of this is to compensate for the differences between your two eyes, this is because no two eyes are the same or have the same ability to focus. Adjusting both the diopter focus and the central focus is how you get the clearest image from your binocular.


In using your binocular, do not forget to use your binoculars neck strap. This will help you avoid accidents like dropping your binoculars. The strap keeps the binocular safe around your neck and against your chest, within easy reach in your hands. Some binocular users also prefer “binocular harness”, its straps is over your shoulders and across the back to distribute the weight of the binocular.
Example, you plan to go bird watching with your friends or family, and might question yourself, if you are doing the right thing with your binocular, here are some tips that will guide you through the process of using your binocular for bird watching:


Start by adjusting the distance between the two barrels of your binocular so that they are the right width for your eyes. Adjusting them too far or too close will make your image some clack edges in your view. Having a spacing with the right width will give you a perfect view. Second, find something to focus on, for example a dark tree branch against the blue sky. Focus with both eyes open by turning the central focus wheel. Now it’s time for the fine focusing, close your right eye and, using only your left eye, adjust the focus wheel. Next, close your left eye and using the diopter adjustment, bring your view into sharp focus. Lastly, open both your eyes and see if your focus is now crystal clear. If in case the image is still not clearly focused, repeat these steps, making small adjustments using one focus wheel or the other.


Keep in mind that the view through your binoculars, with the diopter adjustment, should appear almost three-dimensional. It should really pop out at you and be crystal clear. Another thing, your eyes should not have to work hard when using your binoculars.