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Newest Microsoft Product Dubbed as the “Windows 9.x” will be Officially Announced on September 30, 2014

It’s been 39 years – as of last April 4, 2014 – since Bill Gates started his company, Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. and today after more than 9 versions of the Windows OS (operating system); the company will once again reveal its latest version of it yet again! And it’s called “Windows 9.x” or “Windows 9 Beta.”

Featured Concept Windows 9

According to reliable sources, Microsoft will make the announcement about the Windows 9 this coming Tuesday, September 30th. But the company as of late would not say anymore and it seems they want to surprise the public and not spoil the press event.

Lucky for us fans, Alain Crozier, Microsoft’s President for France slipped some tidbits on the news about the Microsoft Windows 9 platform – perhaps unknowingly – boy wouldn’t Bill Gates be irked about this! TechCrunch and WPCentral were the first to pick up the news via their French assets, which confirmed that the translated transcripts of Crozier’s speech at a press event last Tuesday was, in fact, accurate.

Alain Crozier

As far as we know, everything that Microsoft teased for the September 30 event regarding their latest product or products is this “what’s next for Windows with information geared toward technical and enterprise customers.” Also most of the press thinks that this is not a major event, which is not enough to merit the attention of something close to unveiling the Windows 9 Beta.

However, the amount of information that has been leaked online including some Windows 9.x screenshot images and a Windows 9 video weeks prior to the September 30th press event, is very suggestive. It would seem that Microsoft will indeed launch its latest Windows platform in the form of the Windows 9. Speculations are now circulating around the internet and media outlets that the company will give the OS a fresh look and ditch the numbering system, but their own wild card, Crozier, has already mentioned that the new software will be called Windows 9.

Windows 9 Concept

In an attempt to keep the secrecy, Microsoft has been on a denial pilgrimage from here in the United States all the way up to France and the rest of the world. Giving out official statements saying that they don’t have a name for it yet or that it is unclear what kind of product or products they will release on Tuesday. Still, even I am now convinced that we’re going to see the Windows 9 OS sooner or later.

I do hope that they will make a lighter Windows 9 requirements in terms of hardware specs, I mean, if they’re really going for efficiency here, then that’s the best way to do it. Believe it or not, Wikipedia has already written a short citation about Windows 9 and you can Google search the term “Windows 9 wiki” to find it. And it may take months after the Windows 9 Beta launch before hackers could pirate this thing – yet again – I’m sure next year there’ll be a lot of torrent sites that will share free Windows 9 or download Windows 9 links to folks who just wants to get it for free.

Girl with laptop in her home.

But I would strongly advise against such things as you will not be able to get product support from Microsoft and worst, you would get arrested and fined for using pirated Microsoft products.