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Top 3 Vacation Spots in the World

Are you one of those people who love to travel, in search of unparalleled luxury of glamorous adventures with lively perks like enchanting foodstuffs, amazing architectural design, romantic amenities and such with explicit wine feeling? So, how to find these best escapades?

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We surveyed and searched genuine facts of different places that fit our requirements and with our findings, the list below was assembled from top 3 down to 1.


Rome, Italy
This Eternal City as they call it, rejoices its long history of churches, museums, monuments and those restored ruins that offers a rightful sight to the life of the great Roman Empire during their glorious days. And at its city roots, you may immerse yourself in a culture of a heaping bowl of delightful pasta, different flavors of coffee and a plate of gelato. Buonappetito!

new york travel destination

New York, New York!
This place where of its origins and city remnants of immigrants with such inspiring structural design and thriving arts on the scene. You can definitely spree in SoHo, devoting a lazy day in its Central Park, stare signs from the Big Apple plus its billboards, Coney Island and the NYC subway system. Also, the city’s Times Square has wall-to-wall signage for the Broadway plays, commercial ads, even proposals and many more.

And last but especially not the least,


Paris, France
Similar to all boundless cities, you can spend days, weeks or even months in Paris and just by scarcely graze the appearance of Paris’s cultural treasures. Discover this old-world city with a new-world charm! They have museums galore, stellar shopping sites, convenient restaurants and small shops with busy cafés which are perfect for people just observing. Great places to visit here are, The Louvre (The Pyramided Structure), the Seine (A River), and most especially The Eiffel Tower which aged a 125 years old on March 2014. But, with so much to appreciate in Paris, you’ll utterly need this quick bucket list of not-to-be-missed lures.