Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF

The Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF is an important piece of equipment that you’ll be using for years to cook dinner with friends and family. It’s important because, like most things in life, it builds lasting impressions on people. Bad food will make you a bad cook while good food will make you everybody’s favorite! So if you want the best in everything there’s nothing better than Adcraft’s electric grill.


Here are some of its stunning specifications:

•    Constructed of heavy duty Stainless Steel
•    Cast Iron Grooved Grill Plates
•    Temperature control switch which adjusts from 120° – 570°
•    Overall Dimensions are 20″ x 17″ x 10″
•    NSF Approved

What to look for in commercial grills
According to grilling experts you ought to be looking for these things in almost every commercial grill that you buy:

•    A built-in thermostat
•    Sturdy shelving on the sides.
•    A grill cover.
•    Ample cooking space.


Putting the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF to the test
The Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF sports a sturdy, cast iron cooking grate that packs 122.5 square inches of grill surface and for an electric grill it’s quite the attention catcher heating its core up to 570° Fahrenheit. We even tested its “grilling” capabilities on vegetables and meat just to see how efficient it is and the results were acceptable. The first batch of veggies to christen the grill was kebabs, red pepper and a couple of corn on the cob. We rotated all of them every 5 minutes and after 20 minutes of grilling, they were looking very delicious to eat.

Then we tried to grill different kinds of meat and see how the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF held up. This time we placed the heavy hitters such as chicken breasts, hamburger patties, square beef cuts, pork barbecue and fish meat. Heating it up to the maximum temperature of 570° the meat had a deep brown and sometimes reddish-brown color, very juicy and had a rubbery texture. All the goodness that you look for in any grilled meat!


•    It cooks like a real Italian Panini.
•    Commercial business owners (especially restaurants and food chains) love it because it’s easy to use, competitive price and it’s power efficient.
•    Small and lightweight
•    High temperature yield
•    Easy to clean



•    No warranty or guaranty

The “take-away”
Essentially the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF was designed with the intention for commercial use. Although it may not be the most high-tech electric grill out there, it does live up to its name which is being able to match those Italian Panini meals that people are so fond of. Only a few other brands are on par with Adcraft’s electric grill and clearly the designers gave so much thought in designing this machine which thus has earned its reputation in the market. Most online customers gave this amazing device a five-star feedback in sites such as Amazon, eBay and other similar websites. Local stores highly recommend the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF as well.


The Last Stand: The Robust BMW 435i Against The Sleek Audi A5

The rift between BMW 435i and Audi A5 hold s distinct issue as the latter consistently prove the difference between A5 saloon and A5 coupe, the former fails to bring out 3 series from 4 series. In order to witness the last car standing, let’s take a closer look at the difference between the two. Audi since it has launched A5 in 2007 gains led while BMW improves its momentum to do better in their series edition. The rivalry has put the two car brand to test in terms of engine performance, design, and cost. At the end of the day the price doesn’t matter what matters most is the performance of the car be as it traverses in distance and speed.


Audi A5

There are 5 categories that A5 has to offer. Namely, S line exterior, rear lights, alloy wheels, xenon plus headlights and breathtakingly beautiful. The design is classic that exudes an understated value. It is fashioned out of six long years of design and invention in addition to facelift to battle up with BMW series. Based on TOP gear review, Audi A5 headlights and bumpers may be hard to spot (despite the distinctive new LED daytime running lights) but it’s far clearer where the benefits are below the surface: the engines are faster, smoother and greener. For fuel consumption only 1.8-litre turbo is needed to produce 10bhp which is very practical and economical in nature. Since diesel is much cheaper, a 2.0 liter TDI gets a bit more power. A 3.0-litre V6 TDI is also available replacing the old 2.7-litre V6. This engine is 14% more economical and more powerful. However, at low speed the Audi A5 starts up at a heavy feel leaving a negative feedback that this car is not as engaging as any other A4 series.


BMW 4 series

Electric power steering, aerodynamics, gear shift indicator, ECO pro mode, Auto start stop function, The BMW 4 series opens a new horizon of change in the era of coupé among BMW. The Breakthrough formulates a very sophisticated technical difference between 3 series and 4 series BMW. A matter of DH265k elevates the choice to buy a two-seater 435i to Porsche Cayman without compromising the features. Unfortunately, BMW series is better off than BMW 4 but the option still lies at the buyers mind.

Binoculars: How to Use Them

Binoculars have a central focus wheel and a diopter focus adjustment. The diopter is often part of the right-hand eyepiece. The purpose of this is to compensate for the differences between your two eyes, this is because no two eyes are the same or have the same ability to focus. Adjusting both the diopter focus and the central focus is how you get the clearest image from your binocular.


In using your binocular, do not forget to use your binoculars neck strap. This will help you avoid accidents like dropping your binoculars. The strap keeps the binocular safe around your neck and against your chest, within easy reach in your hands. Some binocular users also prefer “binocular harness”, its straps is over your shoulders and across the back to distribute the weight of the binocular.
Example, you plan to go bird watching with your friends or family, and might question yourself, if you are doing the right thing with your binocular, here are some tips that will guide you through the process of using your binocular for bird watching:


Start by adjusting the distance between the two barrels of your binocular so that they are the right width for your eyes. Adjusting them too far or too close will make your image some clack edges in your view. Having a spacing with the right width will give you a perfect view. Second, find something to focus on, for example a dark tree branch against the blue sky. Focus with both eyes open by turning the central focus wheel. Now it’s time for the fine focusing, close your right eye and, using only your left eye, adjust the focus wheel. Next, close your left eye and using the diopter adjustment, bring your view into sharp focus. Lastly, open both your eyes and see if your focus is now crystal clear. If in case the image is still not clearly focused, repeat these steps, making small adjustments using one focus wheel or the other.


Keep in mind that the view through your binoculars, with the diopter adjustment, should appear almost three-dimensional. It should really pop out at you and be crystal clear. Another thing, your eyes should not have to work hard when using your binoculars.

Netherlands plans to Auction License on Online Gambling; Online Gambling Operators cry out in Opposition

Operators of online gambling establishments were overwhelmed with the recent news from the Netherlands government. The government plans to auction limited licenses for online gambling, which means that the rest who will not be granted or could not afford the license will be forced to shut down their businesses. The auctioning is slated for 2012 this has been confirmed in the reports of the Financieele Dagblad.
The Dutch government is expecting to accumulate over €10 million from the auctioning of the licenses, however, gambling in Netherlands is not yet illegal.


Already opposition is bursting all over Netherlands and the Dutch folks are not particularly happy about it. The STIOGG which is the online gaming foundation for Netherlands expressed concerns about the auctioning of limited licenses. They added further that it would have been better if there were unlimited licenses to promote healthy economic growth.
Online gambling operators will be submitting their petition for unlimited number of licenses to operate in Netherlands. They claim that such act is unfair and very undemocratic, they also reiterated that should there be freedom for online gambling operators to move freely without restraints, tax revenues, when gambling will be regulated will amount in billions of euros per year.
Economic experts on the matter are aloof with the governments decision to auction licenses, it will be inherently imprudent to cut off one potential source for economic growth. The EU’s economic status is at the moment strong with the consolidated aid on each country’s economic supply line. However, the foreseeable future is not as stable as it seems, the United States for example too a dive in their economic recession. Limiting potential economic sources such as online gambling could prove to be a bad move according to experts.


Drafts have been drawn for legislation has been the primary task of the Dutch government as of the moment.
According to the national audit office, the Holland Casino is trying to expand its operations and is going beyond its borders that it might already be monopolizing the gambling industry. They might actually provoke the government to act against certain freedoms that they’re enjoying right now.
The national audit office further identified Holland Casino’s role modeling to the public in general. They said that the casino is more interested in making its pockets bigger and does not care what the consequences might incur. One of the sub goals of the Holland Casino is to be responsible in catering their service to the people, especially to teens and those who potentially could succumb to addiction. The national audit office is concerned that the casino is encouraging its patrons too much on gambling that it should have.


Whether or not the Netherlands government will reconsider their option for auctioning limited licenses have yet to be determined. However, one thing is clear; the gambling operators are not in favor of it. Analysts on the other hand are skeptical about the government’s move toward this venture, the negative impact it will bring on the part of the operators is going to be heavy with disgust. Freedom should not be auctioned, even freedom to gamble is not exempted, and more choices will promote healthy entertainment for the people.
The Netherlands has been a long time gambling friendly country and its practice on democracy gets nearly 100% approval from its people. However, with this unprecedented move is stiffening the gambling industry, some thought that by legalizing gambling the government was ready to accept all forms of it without limiting the number of operators. Just like other business establishments like restaurants, fast food chains, fashion stores, etc. do not get limited licenses, even though there are cases where people are over spending for their clothing alone.

The situation has caught the attention of the international media early on, because gambling is not a strange thing in Netherlands. It would have been acceptable if online gambling industry was just coming out of the shadows, but this kind of gaming has been going on around for years in the back draft. So why censor it now?
The Dutch government has not released any official statement regarding the matter, because the matter is still in its early form.

How to Alleviate Back Pains While Doing 9-5 Office Jobs

You must have heard somebody say “office work is like being paid to be a couch potato,” well while that phrase does not neatly describes what office work really is; it does have a certain truth in it. But let’s face it, I mean we’ve seen this happened many times and it may have even happened to you also. You get a desk job that requires you to work 30-40 hours a week and hands you a good paycheck on the weekends, but by the end of the day you feel that you’re too tired to even do a little exercise. 2-4 years later you’ve gained 20 lbs and before you knew it you got sagging lumps of flesh hanging over your waist line. But most people are not aware of the fact that 90% of back pains is caused by exceeding their ideal weight.


What you really do in the office as oppose to “physically working”
Physics defines work as “when a force acts on a body and it results in a displacement from the point of application, however small, in the direction of the force – work is done.”  Now think about it and try to remember how much force have you applied in the combined 8 hours of your shift while you were in the office? Let me get ahead of you there because I know that the amount of actual, physical work done in the office is less than 5%; and that’s because you spend all day sitting there, talking to customers, filling out forms and typing things on your computer. The most work that I’ve done recalling during my office days was swiveling in posture chairs, walking to and from the copier, carrying some rims of bond paper and of course going to the pantry to take my lunch break.


The importance of exercise and back pain prevention
Sitting for long periods of time is actually not beneficial to you. For one it makes you fat and the worst thing it can do to you is cause severe back pains, that’s because when you sit down the “S” curve of your spine deviates slightly – meaning it isn’t in its natural state. One to two hours is fine but 8 hours is serious; fortunately posture chairs were invented in order to mitigate this problem. It has been ergonomically designed to support and retain the natural “S” curve of your spinal column and will therefore help you sit in the proper position. Experts also found that by doing a 20-minute exercise daily can help regulate blood pressure, burn calories effectively and helps you sleep better. So remember these 2 words “posture chairs” and “exercise” because they’re extremely important in keeping you healthy while working in an office.


Aside from sitting in those comfortable posture chairs experts also recommend a weekly or bi-weekly back massages in order to relive stress and have a relaxing sleep. This will help revitalize the body when the weekends come and that means you can enjoy your day off more feeling refreshed and full of energy. Furthermore a healthy diet will also increase productivity by 12% according to a recent study. As I recon it lesser fat in your body means increase in oxygen intake and increase oxygen intake means your brain processes information faster, thus making you smarter. So working in 9-5 office jobs does not necessarily mean that you give up your health for some hefty paycheck, just remember to protect your back by sitting properly in posture chairs and do an exercise routine regularly.