High Fashion Brands

Black Friday celebration is always after the Thanksgiving Day of the year. As every shopper knows that there’s nothing more likely to have an incredible savings and deals than on Black Friday, and this will surely blow you away. There are many amazing line ups of Black Friday Deals out there, yet, how do they manage it? What do you think they’re strategies where at? Especially when we talk about high fashion profiles inside the industry.

So here are the top 3 high profile fashions brands that we accumulated based on some research and shared their strategies for this year’s Black Friday strategy mark ups.


Michael Kors
An absolutely top of the line brand that has been developing lots from their lines with exclusiveness and with more than high-diffusion of lines.

Owned by world-renowned and award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear items, named from the brand itself, Michael Kors. The company started back in the year 1981 which produces a lane of products that are under with his signature the “Michael Kors Collection” and “Michael Kors Labels”. And with these products, it includes varieties of different charming footwear jewelries, watches, accessories, men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, eyewear and with a full line of fragrance products.

Michael Kors’s stores operates in either direct or through some licensing partnerships in these leading and very prestigious cities in the world, which are New York, London, Milan, Paris, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Istanbul, Munich, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Seoul.


At the back of this burgeoning empire stance with a single designer with an innate sense of glamour added with an unfailing sight for a timeless chic inspired. Michael Kors won numbers of accolades inside the fashion industry, also, he has been honored because of being philanthropic, earned huge respects and affections of the millions. Dedicated wholesome to the vision of styles where sophistication as it is indulgent and as iconic as being modern. MichaelKors created and erogenous luxury Lifestyle Empire with a huge global out-reaches.A brand that never gets old and inspiring.

And to this, having a Black Friday Sale involves strategies to keep them at ease, balanced and dedicated but still competitive on the market. Lots of different retailing stores, may it be online or physical store offers from 50% discount up to 81%! Plus, some websites also offers different promotional coupons for everyone to use in this yearly seasonal sale. And with limited edition bundles, gift recommendations and best buy campaigns from the main brand itself that kicks off anyone’s agenda. Who doesn’t fall for MK’s fashion sense now that they offer huge rebates? Even if somehow they give little discounts yet people never says no for Micahel Kors fashion line.

Marc Jacobs
A brand that became one of the fashion’s industry legends. Marc Jacobs, with all of his works with Louis Vuitton for the past 10 years got him across an international recognition. And in the bracket of time where his own brand became even more known and adored than his Vuitton’s collection, and so was his name as a fashion designer that became an iconic symbol, most specifically in New York. Presently, with more than 240 progressing store branches in 60 different countries, plus lots of places inside Department Stores, Marc Jacobs is one of the most distributed fashion brands in the whole world. Effectively, the brand extended up some of their fashion lines, yet also their accessories where bags are normally huge, fragrances and sun glasses.

As this year, Marc Jacobs decided that his New York Fashion Week Show will be different, which a strategy with both is inclining high buyers to see what’s new and also campaigning for the coming holiday sales already.

On the virtual shopping world, Marc Jacobs Black Friday 2014 tags are everywhere! And so, you will see what they got for this year’s Black Friday. They have, Best Deals, Cheapest Products, Offers and Features, Best Buy and Reviews, Specials, Christmas Deals, Cyber Monday, Best Price, Special Discounts, Hot Price, Big Sale, Limited Editions, Bundles and Clearance Sale. And they’re not done yet, they also have Save 20% to 90% that does not end for 2014 only because they’ll extending it until 2015! Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren is a high fashion brand that is also one of the most iconic brands for the American way of life. This brand dominated the world because of how iconic it is inside the fashion industry and lifestyle. Back in 1967, Ralph Lauren himself borrowed an amount of $50,000 from Norman Hilton, and he never imagined that for the upcoming years he would be at the head of a multi-national and multi-billion dollar brand. One of the first exported brands from the United States of America, successfully extended up the brand up to fashion accessories, watches, home, fragrances and – even Yachts!


The business started out 40 years ago with collections of different ties, and has successfully bloomed for their stand of quality made products, innovative lifestyle advertisements that brings re-definition of the American Style.

So, for their Black Friday Sale, people will consistently sight products for the men, women, children, and babies, even for homes/houses which have uniquely situated styles from the world of Ralph Lauren’s line.

Ralph Lauren is best for those “Sartorially-inclined-shoppers” who are looking out on what’s stock up with high-quality basics that will utterly hit the best price of the year.Although this year’s Black Friday Sale for them will keep on the leading huge sale for most of the people’s choices and favorites. Yet continuing until Cyber Monday is said to be where it’s best to hold off some splashing all out apparel and shoes rolls around. The company provides buyers such exquisite examples from last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale which cut-offs 25% off for most of their popular items. And so, from that, many people will clearly be looking out and prepare themselves for the brand’s iconic design stores where huge discounts, plus giving out discounted coupons will be set.

Accordingly, all of these brands are really famous and thus a lot of people who really acquires the fashion industry as part of their lives are excited for this annual seasonal sale. Be fast and keep updated, you don’t want to be in the last line aren’t you?


Vertical Farming

The need of food to sustain the survival of a nation has turn humanity to innovate the way of propagating and growing our foods. Cultivating crops in urban locations using specific contrived skyscrapers is how Vertical Farming works. It is also known as Vertical Hydroponic System. It is widely used as a modern way of farming amongst country having problem in terms of lack in land, fertile fields for crops to grow and harsh environments.


Over the years, Vertical Farming has meliorated and as most people may not know that as early as 1950, it is already part of the farming industry. It started as a proposal discussed in Rem Koolhaas’s book; Delirious, published in the year 1909.In this proposition, predefines the idea of cultivating crops in an open air building.

Vertical Farming and Its Breakthrough
Vertical farming has inspired not only by farmers but also engineers and architects on helping building a multi-layers of vertical hydroponics structures that greatly improve the space utilization and also making its infrastructure a dainty and organized. In addition, it supports the development of the appearance and for the easy farming protocols.


Examples of Vertical Farming Products
In most vertical farms, they developed the multi-layers of vertical hydroponics system to maximize a facilities area in terms of the type of crops they are growing. Given an example of tomatoes are grown in a rows of vertically supported structure supporting its stems and its heavy weight as it bare fruits. Another example are lettuces, this vegetable is hydroponically grown in a layers of semi drawers which contains the vegetables and allowing then to harvest with ease. Other indoor farms like in Finger Lakes Fresh Greenhouse, traditional structures of filling the crops are the same.

Environment Control and Energy-Saving Technology
Farmers and agriculturist with the help of the modern technology has brought the way of farming to high efficiency and in terms of quality harvest and custom crops. Enabling these people to worry no more about the biohazards and the risks of their crops may have compared to those grown in the traditional way of farming. Minimizing or completely getting rid of the risk of having soilborne diseases, nematodes and weeds in crops are the benefits of vertical farming.

vertical farming

The use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED)also as an artificial source of light is widely used in vertical farming as part of the process of growing the crops. The advantage of using artificial light advances and increasing the rate of harvesting desirable quality and minimal defects due to the use of these lights, the results are as expected and minimizes too much risks and less exposure to sunlight.

Urban areas in reality have this awaiting shortage of farmlands in the coming years. Population will grow triple so as the need for foods. This vivid innovation of farming will give the mankind not just the chances of surviving but the broad strategies of making farming a dependable way of survival. Thus, vertical farming practically produces crops all year-round. It basically allows the expatiation of cities and at the same time will have constant self-sustaining food products for future needs.

Lab Safety Compliance: Three Important Things to Know when Moving your Laboratory to Another Location

Moving your lab to a different location is a daunting task. Besides having highly volatile chemicals and biological samples, there are other machines with moving parts that are either fragile, expensive, or could potentially cause a disaster if not handled properly. You need to label chemicals before you pack and ship them, thoroughly decontaminate your lab, and then use trucks and other vehicles to transport them to the new location. All the while you have to make sure you’re following strict protocols from regulations imposed by the government for them.


Failure to comply with regulations will result in fines ranging from hundreds of thousands to probably even millions of dollars! It could also cause employee injuries as well as property damage plus more fines from a public lawsuit. The idea alone is staggering to even think of, not to mention what it will take to relocate a lab safely and efficiently.

Here are 3 best tips for you to know about when doing something this big:


Regulatory Bodies
Before relocating your lab, you have to check with government agencies that impose regulations for facilities like yours. Due to the nature of your work or business, you’ll have to understand the facility as well as the transportation regulations when moving lab equipment from one place to another. Therefore, besides complying with EPA, IATA, DOT and OSHA; you also need to comply with the local government agencies or regulatory bodies in the area where you operate. To ensure that you will not miss anything while moving your stuff to a different location, contact regulatory agencies and ask for help to keep things in order. You may also want to hire a logistic consultant or specialist to help you be compliant with all the regulations needed for transporting your lab equipment.


Of course, regulatory bodies will only allow you to move your stuff if they’ve issued you a permit. You’ll need to hire movers that have DOT permits to transport chemicals and biotech materials. The type of materials, chemicals and biological agents to be transported will determine the kind of permits you will need.

Here are some of the types of permits that you’ll be needing:

•    DEA Controlled Substances Permit
•    Wastewater Discharge Permit
•    Ionizing Radiation Source Registration
•    RCRA Generator Notification
•    Laboratory Animal Use Permits
•    rDNA Permits
•    Select Agents & Toxins Licenses
•    Flammable Storage Permit
•    Radioactive Materials License


Try to get the landlord with the program so he won’t have complaints after you’ve left the premises. Sometimes landlord tend to be reserved about how squeaky clean they want their property to be and that can cause some serious legal issues as well.


To avoid this, just follow the ANSI guidelines in decontaminating your laboratory. This is a DIY on how to decontaminate your lab efficiently. If you have enough money to hire a contractor that does lab clean up and who adheres to the ANSI guidelines, then hire them and let them explain to the landlord how the cleanup process will be done, so that he will be more comfortable with you leaving.

Small Business Online – Don’t Miss Out On The Basics

In this modern age where the fast pace advancement of technologies never cease to fail. More and more entrepreneurs are putting their business online because of the vast advantages that they can get. Plus the reality that in today’s generation, billions of people are using the internet that’s why more and more entrepreneurs are attracted to engage their business online.



The existence of online in business world can make a big difference. It’s a powerful marketing strategy and communication tool that will help expand a business. It opens the door of opportunities where a small business can be seen and found by a wide variety of people from different places.

Online businesses emerged from the birth of internet as the World Wide Web sites continue to evolve and progressively became a substitute for the real market place. It allows everyone to fairly play the ground of business marketing tactics where they can sale and present their products as catchy as it can be, advertising services that a business can offer. It has also taken down the political and physical barriers giving everyone a chance to compete with others.


Online business has many benefits to offer such as the increase of professionalism, less paper works, increased sales and productivity. And also having business online can be access anytime, anywhere worldwide as it needs. A cost saving were you don’t need to spend lot of money for renting or building a shop, buying materials and paying many employees. It also includes your choice to live and work anywhere as it pleases you.

In addition, running a business is not an easy thing to do because most of the time you need to take a risk. Putting business online is not an assurance that your business will become successful one.  It depends on how you are going to manage and to handle your business in every tricky situation that will come. Failures may come but it’s not an enough reason to give up. A business is like a puzzle where you need to think and find the right way and right answers. However by gathering data, research, and information it can reduce the burden of complexity and will be a stepping stone to wonderful outcome.

The Lincoln MKC Experience

“Sometimes you’ve got to go back, to actually move forward” and so it goes. Can’t really get that catchy Matthew McConaughey line out of your head? Plus the recent spoofing of the ad by Jim Carrey makes it a total hit.  Fittingly though, the first-ever Lincoln MKC is just that.  Being one of the four new Lincoln vehicles to arrive in showrooms by 2016, the MKC carries the marque to the vast consumer SUV market with the welcoming comfort of an affluent car and the dependability of an SUV of old.

lincoln mkc

Let’s go into detail and check out what this badass SUV is really made of.  Approaching the MKC is a sight to behold as the “Approach Detection with Welcome Mat” awaits your return.  Exterior lighting brightens up upon sensing your approach up to 8 feet away. Then, a Lincoln Logo mat illuminates the entrance of both driver and passenger side. Talk about letting your presence known wherever you are parked. Oh and once inside, any one of seven colors of ambient lighting may be chosen to suit your mood.


The Design

An all-new expression of luxury.  Blending the features of a luxury sedan and the rugged features of a sport utility vehicle, the MKC shows a solid statement of purpose compared to other premium entries in the SUV market.  A classic Lincoln grill, HID headlamps with LED accents up in front while a low roofline and high door line exudes an athletic appearance.  Rims are not too shabby with the option of 18, 19 or 20 inchers with padded inner wells to soften road noise.

lincoln mkc

Finishing off the touch is the patented Vista Roof.  It gives the MKC a refreshing and modern view by giving both first and second row passengers an unobstructed expanded sunroof.



How about 285 horses under the hood giving 305 lb.-ft. of gut wrenching torque to complete the beast? Sounds good to me! The patented EcoBoost offers the most HP and Torque in its class.  How did the MKC obtain this feat? Using intelligence as well as power by utilizing turbocharging, direct injection and Ti-VCT or twin independent variable cam timing of course.  Sounds like top engineering at work to feed the speedster in everyone by just mashing the gas pedal.

lincoln mkc 2015

Lincoln Drive Control and Continuously Controlled Damping is as luxurious as it sounds when advanced sensors automatically detect body motion, steering and braking dynamics in less than a second to give you an exceptional ride.  Adjustable settings for normal, sport or comfort can be selected to suit your style whether you want a spirited drive or pure comfort.


Steering this beast is remarkably simple.  With the feel of a compact sedan, it gives an accurate and responsive drive by using the EPAS or electronic Power-assisted Steering in the Lincoln.  It is constantly adapting to road conditions and can compensate for uneven road surfaces and crosswinds.  A sense of assurance is imminent when fluid system is used at low speed and a more controlled steer at high speeds.


Six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission with paddle shifting gives you the excitement of a stick shift with the convenience of an automatic.  An efficient six-speed transmission glides you through your way but if you want to do a bit of spirited driving, the wheel mounted paddle shifters are just at the tip of your thumbs.  Completing the features are the AdvanceTrac with roll stability Control that gives the MKC the ability to utilize the brakes and engine power to keep all four wheels gripping the pavement.



Why the Lincoln is sought after is because of these state of the art features starting with the sound system.  Gone were the days of simple stereo sound quality as the MKC gives you Enhanced THX II Certified Sound System.  It has 14 strategically placed speakers giving 700 watts of power.  Distributed bass is evenly dispersed throughout the cabin resulting in a more cinematic car audio system.  Hmm I like the sound of that!

ecoboost technology

What is the use of good audio if you have noisy surroundings? Well the Lincoln has an answer to that.  Active Noise Control reduces unwanted noises while enhancing desired sound to provide a more pleasant driving experience.  Microphones monitors the sound of the cabin and then it is replicated by a signal processor to create an opposing acoustic wave cancelling each other out.  Talk about science at work!


Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning and a lane adjusting system is just a few of the new features of safety the MKC can offer. Superior safety is given by the system where sensors detect slowing traffic to maintain distance and alerts you for potential collision adjusting the brake force along the way.  A warning will also be sent to the driver in case you veer out of your lane when the Lane-Keeping system is engaged.


Getting in sync with bliss is perfect to complete the experience.  SYNC with MyLincoln Touch allows you to control your entire cockpit from entertainment to climate via voice command.  Capping it off with the BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert is cutting edge as the (Blind Spot Information System) BLIS uses radar in the rear quarter panel to identify a car entering your blind spot.

lincoln mkc

Truly a step above the competition is the Lincoln 2015 MKC, going back to its roots and still providing class of its own.  Definitely a promising future for the Lincoln line moving forward.




The Former Legend of Chicago Bulls

Basketball is a game played by two teams composing of five members each team. It is a popular game all over the whole wide world. Many people loves it and watch the actual game anywhere. Some individual travels in other country to witness the game. And speaking of the game called “basketball” a former legend from Chicago Bulls Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known as MJ, is an American former basketball player, tycoon, and a principal owner and chairperson of the Charlotte Hornets. For some knowledge for Charlotte Hornets or known as Charlotte Bobcats is an American basketball team that match in the NBA. Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York. They relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina when he was still young. MJ is the fourth son of five children. He attended his secondary schooling in Emsley A.

basketball legend

Laney High School in Wilmington, where he start his athletic profession by playing football, baseball and basketball. In his freshman year, he made the game-winning jump shot in NCCA Championship opposing Georgetown which led to a good result. MJ was dear to his father, where he pretend to be his father’s taste like extending his tongue while he was in work.

MJ is the best basketball player of all time who played fifteen seasons in the NBA or National Basketball Association for the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls. He was one of the best effective athletes during his time. Michael Jordan link in Chicago Bull in the year 1984. MJ suddenly appear as a league star, amusing the crowd with his skill in giving a productive scoring. His ability in presenting slam dunks and later on earned the nicknames “Air Jordan” and “His Airness”. Also achieved a name for being one of the great defensive player. Many people believed that MJ is an amazing person when it comes to playing basketball.

michael jordan

He won his very first championship in the year 1991, and tracked the accomplishment on 1992 and 1993. But in the year 1993, Jordan proclaimed that his stepping down to work, telling a failure of desire to play basketball occur. On other hand, Michael Jordan follow another profession which is baseball but he joined again the Bulls in year 1995 and headed them to three memorable finals in 1996, 1997, and 1998. MJ withdraw again in period 1999, but come again on 2001 to 2003 but not as a member of the Chicago Bulls but as a member of Washington Wizards. MJ states that his purpose is to contribute his income to the victims of the terrorist attack or the September 11 attacks.

When Michael Jordan was on the Dream Team, he played two Olympic gold medal-winning. As a college player, he won the gold in the Summer Olympics that was trained by Bob Knight. On 1992 Summer Olympics, he was one of the representative of the team including Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and David Robinson. The eight games on Olympics was initiated by Michael Jordan. Jordan and the other member of the Dream Team are the only basketball players who was able to win the Olympic gold as uninitiated and certified. Jordan was known as the shooting guard who was also skillful of playing the role as a small forward and also as a point guard. And for being a guard, Michael Jordan is also good in rebound.


He was recognized till the end of his profession for being the strong clutch performer. He mentioned Walter Davis, Jerry West and David Thompson as inspirations. He was privileged with the awards being the NBA’s Defensive Player of the year and turn out to be the First NBA Player to earn together the MVP awards and Defensive Player of the Year. In the NBA history, MJ was rated as third with 2,154 total steals.

Michael Jeffrey Jordan accomplish various awards and established countless records during his profession such as the NBA Champion, being the MVP of the NBA Finals, NBA scoring leader, steal and minute leader, NBA All-Star selections, NBA Rookie of the Year and many more.

Aerial and Maritime Navigation

Ever since man became curious about his surroundings so too did his imagination soar and while we were thousands of years away from learning how to fly, we first braved the seas and oceans. It was by instinct when they realized that they had to come up with a standard unit of measurements to determine the length, width, height and volume of certain objects as well as the distance that they had to travel in order to approximate the time it takes to travel from one spot to another. As we look through the history pages we find that our ancient counterparts were innovative and brilliant when they first constructed modes of transportation.


Ancient Egyptian Ship


It is now believed that boating was conceived since pre-historic times as far back as 45,000 years ago and that it was the Pacific Northwestern indigenous peoples that first developed a crude dugout canoes. However, systematic maritime navigation was not achieved until 5,000 years ago in the ancient Mauryan Empire in the Indus river in what is now known as the country of India. Meanwhile in Mesopotamia the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Kingdom of Punt, Babylonians, Persians and Pheonecians developed river boating for fishing and trade. Among the system of measurements that they had developed were:


Sumerian Measurements


Sumerian basic length units:

•    Grain which is approximately 0.0025 meter
•    Finger which is approximately 0.015 meter
•    Foot which is approximately 0.333 meter
•    Cubit which is approximately 0.497 meter
•    Step which is approximately 1.000 meter
•    Reed which is approximately 3.000 meters
•    Rod which is approximately 6.000 meters
•    Cord which is approximately 60.000 meters
•    Cable which is approximately 360 meters
•    League which is approximately 10,800 meters




Egyptian basic length units:

•    Royal cubit is roughly 52.5 centimeters
•    Standard cubit is roughly 45 centimeters
•    Remen is roughly 37.5 centimeters
•    Djeser is roughly 30 centimeters
•    Span (large) is roughly 25 centimeters
•    Span (small) is roughly 22.5 centimeters
•    Fist is roughly 10.75 centimeters
•    Hand is roughly 9.38 centimeters
•    Palm is roughly 7.5 centimeters
•    Finger is roughly 1.88 centimeters
•    Khet (rod) is roughly 52.5 meters
•    River measure is roughly 10.5 kilometers


Judging from their skills in formulating these basic length units, it can be said that they had a certain level of sophistication. Modern marine navigation uses various measuring equipment such as radar, sonar and global positioning system (GPS). This allows them to measure their ship’s cruising speed (which is in knots or the metric equivalent of 1 nautical mile), the depth of the water (which can be measured in feet, meters or yards), to determine their exact position on the globe and to determine their relative bearing (distance) from their point of origin and their destination.




Aerial navigation
According to modern history it was the Wright brothers who first braved the skies when they created an aeroplane that flew for about 6 minutes. From that time on aircraft development soared and the whole world used it for commercial passenger transport, research and aerial combat for the military. Initially all aircraft navigation adapted the metric (SI) system, but by the 1960’s there have been major changes in measuring length, distance and cruising speed for aerial navigation. All aircraft uses aviation electronics or avionics to effectively navigate their way through the skies but unlike ships and sea vessels they heavily rely on radar and visibility. Except for the cruising speed of an aircraft all other forms of measurement is done with the metric system. So a pilot may identify his cruising speed at 300 knots (which is literally 345.3 miles per hour) and report his relative bearing at 600 statute miles (basic mile) heading 123 degrees north by north-east. In simple terms it means that the aircraft is traveling at 345.3 miles per hour, 600 miles out from its destination (probably an airstrip or an airport) heading in a direction of north by north-east. Determining the current location of the plane, the speed that it travels and the direction it’s heading is very crucial for its estimated time of arrival (ETA), and the radars and computers in the aircraft’s avionics helps makes it possible. Meanwhile control towers on the ground, guides the aircraft to the runway in order to avoid unwanted mid-air collisions and accidents.

Importance of Web Design

What kind of device were you using right now? Is it your desktop or laptop computer at home, or maybe a tablet in which you’ll just be pinching the screen and gesturing to go through different pages and apps on it? Or it could be your smartphone which is way too convenient in reading this with just sliding through thumb? I bet most of us rely so much on devices like this. It is quite fascinating how a website can be viewed in any of this that you desired to use. According to statistic that mobile internet users are increasing that desktop user is being dominated. It means that people are more comfortable using and reading websites through mobile which changes the way it was perceive and considering engaging in the World Wide Web. With many sizes of screen from different devices how is it possible that a website is still running without distorting its design? This is the power of responsive web design.


web design banner

One of the necessities of a web design is its responsiveness, the flexibility of the web design that can be viewed perfectly by adapting the device screen size. A person who’s opening a site through a desktop is the same with a person opening with its phone. Through responsive web design it optimizes the design that defers on what kind of device or size of screen. The convenience of this offers a huge help to everyone in different fields from business to education.  The responsive web design is for the better experience that users will have in visiting the page, and optimization of site in whatever device that will be used.


web designer

Simplicity which means “the quality of being understand” is another importance of the web design. How a website is design that will enable the user to find or locate the buttons that they will be using is very effective for the user’s convenience towards the site. Even though the website has awesome appearance and graphics but then the functionality is quite off then better upgrade and consult a web designer. The usability of the website greatly affect how the user will think towards the page and may lead to visit again or never. Like how the content of the site was presented must be in simplicity and connect to what kind of topic was offered and what kind of people will be visiting the site.


featured web design

From responsiveness to content deliberation represents how a successful web design affect and attract the visitors, as the primary aim of web designing is to satisfy the need of the visitors and its client. As today the emerging technology reflects how dynamic everything can be like your business can be endorse and advertise through website that will greatly increase the popularity of the site at the same time higher searching rank. The ease of use, accessibility and cost effectiveness is eventually a benefit to both the visitor and the website owner. Your website embodies your organization, the way it was design reflects what kind of products and services you offer. Don’t leave yourself from what is trending today. Make a right choice and hire a web designer for your website. Inquire now!

Newest Microsoft Product Dubbed as the “Windows 9.x” will be Officially Announced on September 30, 2014

It’s been 39 years – as of last April 4, 2014 – since Bill Gates started his company, Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. and today after more than 9 versions of the Windows OS (operating system); the company will once again reveal its latest version of it yet again! And it’s called “Windows 9.x” or “Windows 9 Beta.”

Featured Concept Windows 9

According to reliable sources, Microsoft will make the announcement about the Windows 9 this coming Tuesday, September 30th. But the company as of late would not say anymore and it seems they want to surprise the public and not spoil the press event.

Lucky for us fans, Alain Crozier, Microsoft’s President for France slipped some tidbits on the news about the Microsoft Windows 9 platform – perhaps unknowingly – boy wouldn’t Bill Gates be irked about this! TechCrunch and WPCentral were the first to pick up the news via their French assets, which confirmed that the translated transcripts of Crozier’s speech at a press event last Tuesday was, in fact, accurate.

Alain Crozier

As far as we know, everything that Microsoft teased for the September 30 event regarding their latest product or products is this “what’s next for Windows with information geared toward technical and enterprise customers.” Also most of the press thinks that this is not a major event, which is not enough to merit the attention of something close to unveiling the Windows 9 Beta.

However, the amount of information that has been leaked online including some Windows 9.x screenshot images and a Windows 9 video weeks prior to the September 30th press event, is very suggestive. It would seem that Microsoft will indeed launch its latest Windows platform in the form of the Windows 9. Speculations are now circulating around the internet and media outlets that the company will give the OS a fresh look and ditch the numbering system, but their own wild card, Crozier, has already mentioned that the new software will be called Windows 9.

Windows 9 Concept

In an attempt to keep the secrecy, Microsoft has been on a denial pilgrimage from here in the United States all the way up to France and the rest of the world. Giving out official statements saying that they don’t have a name for it yet or that it is unclear what kind of product or products they will release on Tuesday. Still, even I am now convinced that we’re going to see the Windows 9 OS sooner or later.

I do hope that they will make a lighter Windows 9 requirements in terms of hardware specs, I mean, if they’re really going for efficiency here, then that’s the best way to do it. Believe it or not, Wikipedia has already written a short citation about Windows 9 and you can Google search the term “Windows 9 wiki” to find it. And it may take months after the Windows 9 Beta launch before hackers could pirate this thing – yet again – I’m sure next year there’ll be a lot of torrent sites that will share free Windows 9 or download Windows 9 links to folks who just wants to get it for free.

Girl with laptop in her home.

But I would strongly advise against such things as you will not be able to get product support from Microsoft and worst, you would get arrested and fined for using pirated Microsoft products.

Everybody wants a Rolex Watch! Why not a Rolex Replica Instead?

It’s important for everyone to have accurate timepieces for their every day routine. While the timepieces market grows and develop, a few famous name brands like Rolex and others created their strongholds in the watch industry. Naturally the elegant designs and features of the Rolex brand begets a very high value on it which only the elite can afford. You can just imagine the envy that this will arouse on the masses that live on an average pay grade – it’s just not fair! It creates an unpleasant barrier of status quos and adheres to the norms of the socialites and the ordinary people. Until replica timepieces makers decided to change all that.


Rolex Replica Watch
Image (c) Evolution Cell

The replica makers created a middle ground where ordinary folks like me and you could finally afford to buy an exquisite Rolex replica at 1/16th of the original price. This satisfies both the heavy demand for high quality movements and the insatiable desire to lavish at such famous brand names without the burden of having to pay too much for it. Unfortunately, where the fish gather to feed the sharks will be there also, to look for an opportunity to prey on the weak and unprepared. Yes, you have to be careful of swindlers because they will not think twice to dupe you on a bad quality Rolex replica and suck your wallet dry. It may be best for you to read reviews such as this blog post as well as research on the original Rolex and high quality replicas regarding their features and unique designs.

If you spot anything out of place or too much offset from the replica watches you’re being offered, then don’t linger and walk away immediately!


Rolex Submariner Replica
Image (c) Hello Rolex


Always keep in mind to purchase amazing and magnificent models of Rolex watches from reliable sources with top notched reputation from customers and business peers alike. The differences between an original Rolex and those high quality imitations are almost invisible. It’s not to say that there aren’t any but if you really want to see them, it’s either you have a magnifying lens or an expert watch maker yourself. They made the replicas look as close to the authentic timepieces as possible in order to ascertain their place in the watch industry. So there’s no need to worry about the quality of these Rolex replicas. They’ll last for 3 – 5 years and some last even further than that.

You can also buy these awesome looking Rolex replica watches online on several reputable websites. Some are being offered with at least 10% price cuts! This feature attracts a lot of people who desire to have a designer watch in their collection as these are not expensive ones and they are affordable as well. Some websites offer high resolution images and videos of the replica watches that they’re selling. This will make the selection process easier as the images and videos themselves have a link embedded in them that will automatically redirect you to the purchasing page.


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And have given all the essential details related to the product you want to purchase from their online store/ Aside from that the feature page for the specific Rolex replica watch that you want to buy has detailed information in it. Information such as detailed specifications, features, benchmark, customer reviews and more are readily available to you. Once you’ve purchased the Rolex watch that you desire it will be shipped to you in a few days and then you can enjoy your new Rolex replica.