Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF

The Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF is an important piece of equipment that you’ll be using for years to cook dinner with friends and family. It’s important because, like most things in life, it builds lasting impressions on people. Bad food will make you a bad cook while good food will make you everybody’s favorite! So if you want the best in everything there’s nothing better than Adcraft’s electric grill.


Here are some of its stunning specifications:

•    Constructed of heavy duty Stainless Steel
•    Cast Iron Grooved Grill Plates
•    Temperature control switch which adjusts from 120° – 570°
•    Overall Dimensions are 20″ x 17″ x 10″
•    NSF Approved

What to look for in commercial grills
According to grilling experts you ought to be looking for these things in almost every commercial grill that you buy:

•    A built-in thermostat
•    Sturdy shelving on the sides.
•    A grill cover.
•    Ample cooking space.


Putting the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF to the test
The Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF sports a sturdy, cast iron cooking grate that packs 122.5 square inches of grill surface and for an electric grill it’s quite the attention catcher heating its core up to 570° Fahrenheit. We even tested its “grilling” capabilities on vegetables and meat just to see how efficient it is and the results were acceptable. The first batch of veggies to christen the grill was kebabs, red pepper and a couple of corn on the cob. We rotated all of them every 5 minutes and after 20 minutes of grilling, they were looking very delicious to eat.

Then we tried to grill different kinds of meat and see how the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF held up. This time we placed the heavy hitters such as chicken breasts, hamburger patties, square beef cuts, pork barbecue and fish meat. Heating it up to the maximum temperature of 570° the meat had a deep brown and sometimes reddish-brown color, very juicy and had a rubbery texture. All the goodness that you look for in any grilled meat!


•    It cooks like a real Italian Panini.
•    Commercial business owners (especially restaurants and food chains) love it because it’s easy to use, competitive price and it’s power efficient.
•    Small and lightweight
•    High temperature yield
•    Easy to clean



•    No warranty or guaranty

The “take-away”
Essentially the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF was designed with the intention for commercial use. Although it may not be the most high-tech electric grill out there, it does live up to its name which is being able to match those Italian Panini meals that people are so fond of. Only a few other brands are on par with Adcraft’s electric grill and clearly the designers gave so much thought in designing this machine which thus has earned its reputation in the market. Most online customers gave this amazing device a five-star feedback in sites such as Amazon, eBay and other similar websites. Local stores highly recommend the Adcraft SG-811E Commercial Panini Press Grill NSF as well.


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